Workplace for the junior: The right desk for every age

Workplace for the junior: The right desk for every age

Children need furniture that is tailored to their needs. Backless chairs and a desk that grows with you are the basis for this.

Ergonomic seating is important for back health

During growth, it is important for children to sit properly in kindergarten, after school and in the nursery. Although her husbandry apparatus is extremely mobile, but not sufficiently robust. Since the joints, bones and muscles are still under construction, they are still soft and malleable. Therefore, a table should have possibilities to ensure an upright seating position.

If an ergonomically-adapted table is missing, the child must lean forward with the back so that it can work well on the table top. Under certain circumstances, this can have negative effects on the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. On the other hand, smaller children cramp in the neck and upper back, which may later promote the displacement of the spine. This in turn leads to early postural damage.

From the nursery to the nursery

In infancy, the offspring need nothing more than a changing table and a crib. But babies grow up quickly to the toddler and the crawling corner has to give way. From about one and a half to two years, infants use a table and chairs in their room. Already at this age, they look at a picture book and start painting on their own.

First and foremost, choosing the right child seat group depends on size. On the chair, the sprout must be able to climb up and down and sit comfortably. For this purpose, the appropriate children's table is to be selected, which must be equal to the height of the chairs. Also, the table surface must not be too small for the child to spread out and realize.

Special gaming tables and drawing tables have a pull-out table top and provide storage space for the most important crafting utensils and toys. As children grow fast, growing furniture with extendable table and chair legs are a wise purchase. The important thing is that your legs can stand at a 90-degree angle when sitting, and your forearms can lie comfortably on the table.

The right desk for schoolchildren

After school enrollment, the little ones spend many hours sitting in a sitting position every day one-sided position. Already in childhood this means that some muscles atrophy while other muscle groups overload. Therefore, a children's desk must above all promote a healthy sitting posture. It's best for parents to have two quality features - desktop height adjustability and desk height adjustment.

Height adjustment ensures that the desk optimally adapts to the child's height. Ideally, Junior sits upright and can let his arms hang loose. The elbows are two to three inches below the desk top, with the feet touching the ground. If the height of the desk is the same, the angle of inclination of the desk top by 16 degrees improves the ergonomics of the sitting posture.

As a result, schoolchildren sit upright, relieving and at the same time supporting their back and arms. A utensil bar catches pens, notebooks, and books to keep school supplies from falling.

Best Working Conditions for a Teenage Room

Even at school, teenagers often have to do homework on the computer and learn how to handle it. While in the past the adjustable youth desk was enough, the demands for living changed with puberty. Today, modern youth rooms look similar to their parents' living room. So it is not wrong to provide the teenager with his own PC and computer desk as his workplace.

Ideally, the screen is at eye level, so that the neck does not have to remain in an unhealthy position. The drawer of the keyboard is positioned so that the arms rest relaxed when writing. In addition to many storage compartments and drawers in handle height, a roll container creates additional storage space. Equally important is a mouse that adapts to the shape and size of the hand to avoid overstretching.

More and more adults suffer from back problems on a regular or occasional basis. The causes include one-sided work and sitting for hours at the desk. Often, the parents unconsciously lay the foundation for later back problems in infancy. Although ergonomic desks are more expensive to buy, they make sense for children's back health.

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