Woodworking: a wide variety of processing options

Woodworking: a wide variety of processing options

Woodworking includes all those works that are related to the

For example, woodworking takes place in saws, in the wood glue construction industry and in the wood-based panel industry, but of course also in carpentry, joinery, carpentry and similar operations. Woodwork therefore also includes, for example, the manufacture of furniture, doors and other goods. Woodworking has been around for ages. As early as the Neolithic, wooden parts were processed and made usable with drills, axes and chisels. This is partly due to the fact that wood is a building material that is available in many places worldwide and can be easily worked on.

Woodworking - history of woodworking

After the first attempts in the Neolithic period, woodworking also belonged in the ancient high cultures of the Bronze Age for daily life. Already in the ancient Egypt was worked with hacksaws of bronze, while by decorative and time-consuming inlaid work wonderful was created from the material wood. The planters were already familiar with the Romans, as finds from the Eifel prove. Also turned as well as worked with file and drill was very early. As a glue one used at the beginning probably mostly tree resin. Over time, the tools have been continually improved, but even the modern woodwork can still be traced back to these early beginnings.

Woodworking - woodworking on the saw

As wood splits easily, woodwork usually works cutting wood, which must be worked with a sharp edge or a sharp saw blade. Circular saws should only be used with appropriate protective equipment and knowledge of the saw and the necessary work safety precautions. As a rule, woodwork is best kept by a professional. If woodwork is required, you should rely on a competent specialist. On the online platform MyHammer you can choose according to your request from various offers of skilled craftsmen, select the appropriate.

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