Wood protection for teak wood - safe protection for garden furniture

Wood protection for teak wood - safe protection for garden furniture

Teak is one of the few woods that does not need wood preservation to maintain stability. Products are only needed to maintain the color.

Properties of Teak

The tropical hardwood is as stable as oak but lighter. The surface feels oily, as the wood contains substances that give it a natural beading effect. It is protected against insects, mold and rot without additional wood protection.

Teak will be stable even in outdoor areas for decades even if it never gets any care. It changes its color by UV light and gets a patina. Connoisseurs appreciate the silvery gray shimmer. Those who do not like it have to treat the wood.

To emphasize it clearly, real teak only needs wood preservation to preserve the golden brown color of the wood. The wood is inherently resistant to weather conditions, mold and bacteria.

Wood protection for teak garden furniture

The best way to protect teak wood from graying is to use oil based on alkyd resin oil. In the boat accessories such products are available under the name Teak Sealer, which protects the wood perfectly.

Teak wood glazes seal the surface with a thin film. This facilitates the washing of dirt. Important: A teak-colored wood stain, such as Xyladecor, is not intended to treat teak. These products are used to make other types of wood such as larch look like the tropical hardwood.

For teak, teak oils and non-colored glazes are suitable. The latter is available as a thin, medium and thick-film glaze. The thicker the product is set, the less it penetrates the depth. Since teak is well protected anyway, it does not hurt if the wood preservative barely penetrates.

A thick glaze forms a stronger film on the surface, which removes the natural character of the wood. Since the coating is soft, it rubs off mechanically quickly. For furniture thick-layer glazes therefore make little sense, for trellises and trellis they are useful.

What to look out for the wood care

A grinding is not necessary before the order. It is enough to wash the wood carefully. As an aid a hard brush without metal bristles is recommended. Steel wool is unsuitable as it scratches the wood.

Depending on the mechanical stress, the wood protection must be renewed twice a year or only every two years. Chairs or loungers are subject to significantly more abrasion than a table. The film is quickly rubbed off on the armrests and edges of the seat.

If you want to preserve the color of your teak garden furniture, the best solution is to use a high-quality teak oil instead of a glaze. The oil penetrates deeply and maintains the character of the wood.

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