Wicket doors in garage doors

Wicket doors in garage doors

In addition to classic garage doors, there is often a lack of space for a side door. Thanks to the versatile wicket doors, there is a solution for just about any garage.

What are wicket doors and what are they designed for?

Wicket doors provide additional accessibility for garages or similar ancillary rooms in main buildings. Depending on the width and condition of the main door, the doors can be arranged centrally or asymmetrically.

First and foremost, wicket doors provide the comfort needed to quickly enter and exit the garage. In addition, the practical doors save a lot of energy as the main door is opened much less often. This is particularly noticeable in heated garages with electric door drive.

While use in private homes is still quite rare, wicket doors are widely used in trade and industry, for example in entrance and fire doors. Frequently, such doors are installed in air-conditioned halls to maintain the internal temperature.

What types are there for private garages?

Wicket doors can be divided into two main categories:

On the one hand there is the complete integration of the door into the garage door, so that a threshold arises. As a rule, however, homeowners choose the barrier-free method of installation: Here, the doors close with a lower edge of the door so that no tripping hazards arise. This variant is clearly superior to the first one. Not only elderly or handicapped people benefit from a threshold-free access, because anyone can stumble.

It is recommended to choose the right material for the garage door, so that the door can not be seen directly. In addition, different variants of windows can be installed.

No chance for burglars

Since each additional door on the house or in the garage is also another possibility for burglaries, wicket doors can be provided with special safety devices and locks. Those who store more valuable items in their garage can additionally secure them - despite having a door.

What is the cost of wicket doors?

The bandwidth is so large that no reliable statement can be made about it. Of course, ordinary garage doors are almost always cheaper than with a wicket door. However, there are also occasionally offers from individual manufacturers offering gates with integrated doors at comparable prices. Of course, this does not say anything about the quality of the material and the workmanship. Tip: Before you buy, visit a local dealer and get detailed advice. It is also advisable to ask for and compare several offers.

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