What wall color to blue kitchen? - the best ideas

What wall color to blue kitchen? - the best ideas

A wall color like creamy white, light orange or blue will fit Pastel green - depending on which blue tones and which style prevail.

Cream white to blue kitchen - classic and authentic

Cream white to blue kitchen is a harmonious combination, which makes the kitchen dominant, but does not crush the room. Creamy white is a good wall paint for dark blue kitchens. The kitchen looks classy and modern. This color combination looks good in bright kitchens with large windows. The room looks clean and fresh. A bright white is not recommended because it makes the kitchen seem sterile.

Lively kitchen with orange wall paint

Orange is the complementary color to blue. To a dark blue kitchen looks a bright orange tone on the walls young and comfortable. The orange should be picked up again when setting up. Good ideas for a harmonious whole are plants that turn orange in color, pictures, kitchen gadgets or lamps in orange.

What colors to suit Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is characterized by pastel shades and a set of antiques from the flea market, home-made and Rebuilt out. A pastel blue kitchen fits perfectly into the picture and can be combined with other pastel shades. Pastel green is the color of choice, because the combination is not as cheesy as light blue or pink.

Dark Blue and Light Blue in the Kitchen

A dark blue kitchen may look good with its light blue wall paint. The combination reveals consistency and well thought-out spatial planning. So that the kitchen does not look cold, it needs warm opposites. Light wood furniture, a wooden worktop and warm-colored curtains make the room comfortable.

Subtle colors like stone or sand

A blue kitchen looks classy with subtle natural colors such as stone, sand or a light muddy brown tone. It is important that these natural colors are bright and neutral and easily move into the gray. This fits a worktop made of granite. In this color combination is to pay attention to clear forms of the device. Such a kitchen is chic but moderately cozy.

Integrating the Tile Mirror into the Overall Design

The Tile Mirror is part of the walls and serves as a splash guard over the stove and work area. He is indispensable in a cooking kitchen. The tiles are ideally the same color as the walls. For a blue kitchen with a colored wall, an extra color would look too colorful and disturb the overall picture.

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