Also check insurance when moving

Also check insurance when moving

In the context of a move, the insurance folder is also brought up to date, as some policies are tailored to the place of residence and living conditions. Thus, any problems with the insurer in the event of damage can be avoided without great effort.

Every year around 9 million people move in Germany. It is usually not with housing search and renovation, packing boxes and transport done. The insurance cover must be adjusted after the move to the new living conditions. The household policy is measured, for example, at the place of residence and the size of their own four walls. In the case of motor insurance, the daily commute to work, as well as the place of residence, is also relevant since the annual mileage is taken into account in the risk assessment and the premium calculation.

Which policies do you need to take after relocation?

Household protection Adjust the new home

If a household policy already exists, experts recommend that the insurer be informed at the latest after the move has been completed. This ensures that the insurance cover is also transferred to the new home.

At the same time, the policy must be tailored to the new housing conditions so that the sum insured agrees with the value of the household contents. In particular, if the move to a larger apartment occurs or new household items are added, there is a risk of underinsurance if the contribution is not adjusted. This can lead to the fact that in case of damage not the complete costs are replaced. Tip: An underinsurance can usually be easily avoided if every square meter of the apartment is insured with a flat rate of between € 650 and € 700.

Homeowners' Housing Insurance

If you move from the rent to your own home, you will be provided with homeowners insurance for property owners a new policy in the insurance folder. Homeowners insurance covers, among other things, damage caused by fire, storm, hail and tap water. Elemental damage, ie damage caused by natural forces such as floods, snow pressure or earthquakes, however, must be extra insured, or included in the contract for an additional charge.

Even those who move from a residential property to another home ownership, can not avoid an adjustment, since

Car insurance: place of residence and behavior important factors in the determination of risk

Regional risk classifications, the so-called regional classes, can also be found in motor vehicle insurance for the purposes of insurance coverage and the calculation of costs. Insurance. While the protection of the car in rural areas is often offered a little cheaper, for example, the federal capital of Berlin is considered a particularly expensive plaster with a high risk assessment. As the companies have to declare a duty of disclosure, the car insurance company should be informed of the new address in a timely manner as part of the move.

In addition, the daily driving behavior is included in the contribution calculation. If, for example, the move to work extends the length of the move and thus increases the annual mileage, the risk rating by the insurer also increases and the policy becomes more expensive. In the case of a lower car use, however, the costs can be reduced with a simple adaptation of the contract.

Securing home ownership suitably against life risks

The move from a rented flat to a home is usually associated with a larger loan amount. Securing the main earner in the event of disability or death is therefore a top priority. For example, with disability insurance, it can be ensured that, in the event of an emergency, a monthly sum is available to service the loan.

On the other hand, a term life insurance guarantees the surviving dependents financial support in the event of death. Even in the context of a residual debt insurance is a hedge against unemployment, incapacity for work and death possible. If the due credit installments can no longer be paid due to the circumstances mentioned above, the insurance company pays for the outstanding payments.

The need for protection and which policies fit the individual needs can best be determined with an insurance specialist.

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