Well prepared, relaxed moving

Well prepared, relaxed moving

A move needs to be well organized - this saves unnecessary travel, effort and, above all, nerves. A professional moving service is helpful.

A good planning already makes half of the move. And that should be started early, preferably three months before. Finally, the existing lease must be terminated in time, possibly a Nachmieter be found. In most cases, the look in the contract shows if and what needs to be canceled. Which beauty repairs are still to be done, should be better clarified in advance with the landlord. Also, whether the new tenant may take on the wall paint. Finally, the condition of the apartment is documented in a takeover log on the day the keys are handed over.

Relocation service spares back and nerves

There are similar points to clarify for the new apartment: What needs to be done when and when? When can the apartment be entered and possibly renovated? Already, one should consider using the support of professional companies. This spares nerves and saves work. A moving company skilfully disassembles large furniture and kitchens, bringing experts to connect and transport electrical appliances. It takes care of any prohibitions on the day of moving in front of old and new apartments.

The offers include not only the transport but also the insurance and, depending on the scope of the contract, the furnishing of the new apartment and the construction of the furniture. The comparison of different providers is worthwhile: Who offers the best conditions with the largest scope of services? Who has the most comprehensive insurance coverage? If you set enough deadlines and compare prices early enough, you can save money.

Cancel Contracts, Respect Deadlines

If the date of the move is set, deadlines should first be checked: Which contracts must be terminated and when should they be completed? If necessary, a new telephone and Internet connection must be requested. The contracts with energy suppliers or cable television require a timely termination. To find cheap new providers, worth a comparison here. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions require a change of address. Comfortable is a forwarding request at the post office. Employers and institutes such as school, kindergarten or insurance also need the new address. Other important places are the GEZ, the registration office, the admissions office and the bank. Last but not least, the relatives and acquaintances would like to be informed about the move. Here is a list to check off.

When moving to a multi-family house, it is helpful to inform the caretaker about the appointment. Even the old and the future neighbors like to know whether they have to count on parking or noise restrictions. It is also important that cartons, blankets, belts and other packaging material are available if the move is done without a shipping company. Professional companies can provide all the necessary tools.

Moving Day Checklist

Those who have arranged a move service can look forward to this day with relative ease: A little food for the hard-working people is always welcome and creates a good atmosphere , Paper and pen should always be on hand to immediately record any move damage. If you move without professionals, it is better to have a checklist ready. The helpers should be divided according to their skills, loading and transport must be monitored and organized. A clear identification of the boxes helps to move and retrieve the personal belongings.

A private removal also requires the appointment of a craftsman who will close the power cable to the stove and properly connect other appliances such as a washer, dryer or dishwasher with mains and water connections. If this work is not done by a specialist, the insurance coverage expires. If the new home is up, not least the bell still needs a new sign.

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