Garbage garage - sinking the waste in the ground at the press of a button

Garbage garage - sinking the waste in the ground at the press of a button

Garbage bins in front of the house smell unpleasant and are rarely a beautiful sight. Waste containers that disappear in the ground are an ingenious solution.

In times of waste separation it is necessary to have several garbage cans in which the garbage is disposed of separately. If there is not a lot of space in front of the house, the garbage cans unfortunately adorn the entrance area.

Since a garbage bin is not a visual highlight and especially in the summer months by unpleasant odors, many homeowners are looking for a solution to the annoying, but

Instead of low walls, garbage cans or trash can boxes, there is now a better solution: simply let the waste disappear into the ground at the push of a button!

Dispose of garbage ingeniously

The retractable garbage can systems of the Düsseldorf-based company trafik up, let the unloved but necessary garbage bins disappear elegantly in front of the house. With the help of a built-in garbage truck lift, the garbage bin problem can be solved quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

The concept is not yet widespread, but simple. Parking garbage cans underground has several advantages: In addition to the visual aspects, pests of all kinds are kept away and vandalism or refuse disposal by strangers is prevented. Not to mention that the landlord does not have to push the garbage cans back and forth. If the garbage collection comes, the garbage cans are simply driven up until they are emptied.

Waste can disappear aesthetically

For an underground garbage garage homeowners do not have to invest much, a plant costs, depending on the condition, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros , There is a pit necessary, which is slightly larger than the garbage cans that should find space in it.

The installation of the garbage garage in a cellar shaft or in a concrete tub is possible, which reduces the costs.

In addition to pit or Kellerschacht also requires a 230-volt connection to control the mobile trash cans at the push of a button. The garbage cans are automatically moved up or down by chain hoist.

The built-in, fiberglass-reinforced, garbage bin lift sinks the garbage cans in a garbage can house in the pit or basement shaft.

An electric lift opens the lid of the garbage garage and the trash cans can easily be lowered into the ground using a remote or wall mounted switch.

The garbage garage has many advantages

In addition to the optical and space-saving aspects, such an installation also makes it possible to make bicycles or barbecues disappear in a space-saving and practical way.

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