Paint over washable paint

Paint over washable paint

When redesigning walls that have one

Washable paint with a high latex content was formerly often used in damp rooms. Latex paint prevents water from penetrating walls, the paint does not peel off despite moisture. If you want to paint over them, first of all an assessment of the applied paint and a good preparation of the substrate is important.

First inspection of the washable paint wall

First of all, the wall needs to be examined more closely. Unlike before, today's latex paint contains very little latex and is nevertheless scrub resistant. If you want to paint a wall that was painted years ago with a washable paint, this can not be easily done without preparation due to the composition of the old paint.

If the wall was recently painted with a latex paint, it is a simple paint job easily possible with high quality emulsion paints. It is irrelevant whether it is a matte or glossy washable paint. If, however, strong color jumps are to be made, for example from dark brown to pure white, it may be necessary to paint the wall several times.

The preparation of the sweep

If a wall with an old washable paint is to be painted over, then it requires the preparation of the primer. If the paint was applied to a wallpaper, it will be detached from the wall. Due to the surface structure of the latex paint, it is not possible to re-paint with disperse paint or wrap it over.

Since no water can penetrate the wallpaper because of the paint, a nail roller (hedgehog) should be used as an aid. Through the resulting holes after rolling over the subsequently leached soapy water can penetrate into the wallpaper and is removed with the help of a spatula. So prepared, the wall can be repainted or wallpapered.

If the paint is applied directly to the plaster or concrete, the paint is removed from the wall with a sander or sandpaper.

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Repainting with a painter company

If the whole house is to be renovated after a new purchase or move, this is difficult because of the preparation of old houses , In order to prevent a flaking of wall paints or a bad result, it is definitely worthwhile to hire a painter company. They are usually better at assessing the ground and making the necessary preparations for optimum adhesion of the paint. The investment is worthwhile for a good result.

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