Disassembled wall unit - making room for new things

Disassembled wall unit - making room for new things

Old-fashioned is not for everyone: The furniture is often bulky and seem grim. A "change of scenery" helps and in the disassembly and removal of the furniture, the professional likes to help.

The old wall unit in the living room of Gabriele M. did not fit anymore at the moment. She wanted to remodel her home and to do so, the wall had to be dismantled and disposed of.

With this task, Gabriele M. finally entrusted the company GUSVA HmbH Berlin, which was about to disassemble and remove the wall unit.

In no time new place created for a happy remodeling of the home. Delighted by the reliable work, Gabriele wrote: "Everything went well, I am very satisfied ... And price-performance has also voted." Further recommend. "

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