Wall Grill: Get Professional Assistance

Wall Grill: Get Professional Assistance

To wall a garden barbecue requires a good sense of proportion and experience in dealing with masonry. If you want to build a robust and weatherproof garden barbecue, you should seek the help of a professional.

This will begin with the preparation of the foundation. For this purpose, a pit about 20 cm deep will be excavated, with gravel is filled. A heavy vibrator compacts the gravel so that the edges of the coarse-grained pebbles interlock to form a solid surface. Concrete in a mixing ratio of 1: 3 comes to this. After hardening, the foundation is ready and the walls can be started.

Wall-to-wall barbecue: made of firebricks and fireclay mortar

Before starting to work with stone and mortar, it is important to clarify a few questions Selecting the right material for the barbecue and the shape and type of grill must be clarified in advance. The use of red clinker in combination with fireclay bricks and fireclay mortar has proved its worth. These are particularly heat resistant and guarantee a long life of the grill. Since firebricks are at the same time relatively expensive, the grill should only be provided inside with these stones; On the outside, normal clinker bricks, which also provide a beautiful look with their reddish-brown color.

The procedure should be planned in front of the garden grill.

When the garden barbecue wall is being built, the individual bricks are placed offset from each other: that is, always one half of a stone to the left of the lower transverse joint and one half to the right of the joint. For a visually appealing grill this procedure must be planned in advance exactly. This happens depending on the stones used and their dimensions. These are best stacked loosely on each other for orientation and only connected in the second round with mortar. In contrast to the stones, the fireclay mortar should be used in the garden grill walls throughout the barbecue. For really appealing results, most DIY enthusiasts need professional support. At MyHammer you will therefore find a large number of experienced craftsmen of various trades. There you simply describe your order and compare the offers based on the user ratings. Thus, you will quickly and easily find the right service provider for your garden grill.

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