Volunteer Relocation Helpers: Well meant, poorly insured

Volunteer Relocation Helpers: Well meant, poorly insured

To say it in advance: Whoever commissions a professional moving company is on the safe side with regard to liability. Help from friends is well meant. But if something goes wrong, the insurance usually does not pay.

Moving companies committed to basic liability

Moving companies and freight forwarders are not only the guarantee for a stress-free change of residence, they also save you trouble if something breaks. Because: You are legally obliged to a basic liability. This covers a maximum of 620 euros per cubic meter of cargo. A moving volume of 30 cubic meters would therefore be insured with approximately 18,000 euros. If there are extra valuable items, pay off special transport insurance.

Beware of Friendship Services

Disputes over money make even good friendships with ordeal. Everyone should know what he is getting into before they move. In principle, volunteer relocation workers are liable only if they act roughly negligently, for example under the influence of alcohol. Normally not. If an assistant accidentally drops something, the injured party will be left with the costs.

Report damage as soon as possible

So, choosing a professional removal service provider is not just a matter of stress on the safe side, but also in the event of a claim. If something breaks, this should be reported as soon as possible to the shipping company. But beware: not all damages are taken over by the forwarding agencies. Often a disclaimer is agreed beforehand. This applies to valuables, electrical appliances, plants, animals and also to things that were packed by themselves and not by the forwarding agent. Anyone who has questions should clarify this with the appropriate removal company.

In the event of damage, the following applies: Always report in writing and as soon as possible to the freight forwarder. Depending on whether the damage is obvious to see - for example, a broken vase - or not - is a deadline of one or 14 days.
Receipts and receipts cancel

If it comes to dealing with the insurance is It's always better to have all the evidence of furniture and other items at hand.

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