Visitor Bathroom - Only the best for the guests

Visitor Bathroom - Only the best for the guests

When lack of space and high standards meet, special creativity is required. That's even more true for the guest bathroom.

Fortunately, visitors do not want to let off steam and celebrate hours of bathroom excesses. Nevertheless, a comfortable and modern decor is a good thing today. And there is good news: too little space and flourishes can meet the needs of friends and acquaintances.

Small but beautiful - the modern guest bathroom

Even in the bathroom, reverse parking is not everyone's favorite discipline. A little freedom of movement should already be. If you plan properly, you can store everything - equipment, storage space for utensils and enough space for your visit. Shelves, wallboards, roll containers and base cabinets provide plenty of storage space for towels, shower accessories and cosmetics. At the same time they cost less than installations. The money that you save here can flow into ceramics and fittings. Quality brands offer space-saving hand basins and toilets, which are predestined for the guest bathroom. Floating fittings are especially classy.

Small tricks on larger rooms

Mirrors make the room seem more spacious. Large-area tiles with narrow or no joints are not only modern, but also have a favorable effect on the perceived room size. Most of the guest toilet does not have its own shower - the chance to experiment with colors over a large area. Bright tones are ideal. Combined with color accents in ceramics, cabinets or accessories. Soap dispensers or towel racks may be a little more upscale, that enhances the little room.

Always think of the guests

A good host thinks along. Even things that you consider unnecessary, have their reason to live in the guest bathroom. For example, is there a small trash can, even if you do not need it? The mirror hangs better at a height where others can look at it. Even creams, deodorants or magazines can be nice gestures.

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