Vegetables, herbs and fruit from the balcony

Vegetables, herbs and fruit from the balcony

To bring home-grown vegetables, herbs or fruit fresh on the table, you do not necessarily need your own garden. A balcony is also suitable as a growing place.

Basic requirements

The most important prerequisites for a successful harvest are sufficient space, light and a good ventilation of the balcony. The pots or boxes for the plants must be big enough. Pots of 25cm in diameter are the minimum for spice plants, vegetables and fruits need more space, of course, according to their size.

All containers should have a drain in the bottom to avoid waterlogging. When growing on the balcony, proper fertilization is crucial for harvesting as the nutrients from the very small amounts of soil are quickly consumed compared to a garden.

Herbs enrich the kitchen

Spice plants and herbs are particularly well suited for growing on the balcony. Parsley, chives, basil, oregano, mint and lemon balm are very versatile in the kitchen and relatively easy to pull on the balcony.
All herbs need sunny to partially shaded places and can stay out in the winter except for the one-year-old basil. The soil should be added some sand. In addition, of course, the regular watering is very important. With good fertilization, from spring to autumn always fresh herbs available, mint and oregano can also be used dried.

Vitamins from the box

A small kitchen garden on the balcony is quite possible. Pickling lettuce is great for boxes. When only the fresh leaves are harvested, it grows back from the center and provides a rich harvest over a long period of time. Zucchini and cucumbers are also good to grow plants. Both are available as climbing variants, but they need a sturdy frame and also some space in the width.

If you have a covered corner, you can try tomatoes and peppers. They both do not like the leaves, but they can thrive in a sunny, rain-sheltered corner and add a little extra to the menu. Both plants must be brought into the house or greenhouse and are then ready for harvest in summer.

Sweets for in between

Fruit can also be cultivated on the balcony. Many types of fruit and berries are available as high stems or climbing varieties and thus do not need much space. Column blackberries, currants and so-called apple columns, which grow very slenderly, are very well suited.

In a sufficiently large bucket and with good care, one can look forward to a small harvest in late summer and autumn. Unproblematic are strawberry plants, which can be harvested in a sunny and sheltered place throughout the summer and are a great snack for children in between.

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