Material Variety for Windows

Material Variety for Windows

They provide the perfect view and have a huge impact on the appearance of a building: the windows. However, in view of the multitude of materials, colors and shapes, builders often face a difficult decision.

In addition to the appearance, the properties of the window material are important

Choosing the right window is an investment for the coming decades. Whether one refers to wood, plastic or aluminum windows, apart from the objective advantages of the individual materials, is above all a question of the personal taste and the architectural style of the house.

Wooden windows

The material wood has been used in window construction for centuries proven. He scores not only by a high-quality look, but also conveys a warm and cozy living environment. Wooden windows are made exclusively of solid wood predominantly native species and are thus ecologically particularly useful. They have good thermal insulation today and are in no way inferior to plastic or aluminum in terms of sound insulation and longevity. To keep it that way, the frames should be repainted and painted at regular intervals.

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are made of high-quality PVC. Thanks to the freely configurable base material, both colors and shapes (eg round arches, portholes) can be flexibly and easily adapted to the individual needs of the client. In addition, plastic windows are cheap to purchase and are characterized by very good sound and heat protection properties. Thanks to the weather-resistant PVC and the smooth surface finish, they have very long service intervals, unlike wood.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum is one of the newer materials in window construction, but it is becoming increasingly popular due to its excellent properties. It combines the high-quality look of wood with the flexible design options of plastic. Despite the low weight, aluminum windows are extremely stable, durable and absolutely maintenance-free.

Once you have decided on a material, the question of the window design arises. Whether one decides on sash, tilt or sliding windows or even prefers an individual form, the taste of the builders is left to the taste, but the windows should fit the architectural style of the house.

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