Using the pitch of the roof - clever solutions

Using the pitch of the roof - clever solutions

Roof slopes offer many design options. If you want to make clever use of the bevels, you will be able to integrate them into your home design.

Curtains for more storage space

Sloping ceilings can be delimited with curtains. This will give you a sort of backside that you can use as storage space. Behind this curtain, useful but little decorative items such as vacuum cleaners or wastebaskets can disappear. A curtain rod is attached depending on the desired size of the downside to the roof slope. The curtain now falls vertically down and creates storage space towards the wall. If you choose beautiful fabrics for the curtains, you will also contribute to the atmosphere.

Furniture with knee height

If the penthouse has sufficient knee height, flat furniture can be accommodated at the knee-level. Well suited, for example, flat sideboards or multimedia furniture. If a dormer is present, this can be shared. The sideboard can stand under the sloping roof. A television or a stereo system can be placed in the dormer, as these devices require more space upwards.

Building custom-fit roof sloping cabinets

If you want to use the sloping roof as an organized storage space, you will install a tailor-made roof pitch cabinet. This is especially useful in loft kitchens. So the place under the slope can be optimally used. As an alternative to cabinets, roof pitch shelves are also beautiful. They are more suitable in dorm rooms. For example, books, DVDs and other small items can be conveniently stored.

Using roof pitches for pets

Anyone who has pets, cats for example, can make the pitched roof - or at least part of it - a sleeping cave. The procedure is as described above with curtains. If the page is too long, an additional transverse curtain will be installed so that the cave is closed. For cats, the interface between the two curtains or an incision in the curtain is sufficient as a starting point. Inside, the cave can be fitted with pillows or blankets.

A play cave for children

Similarly, the roof pitch for small children can be prepared as a play cave. Here is a wall with a certain knee height best for the children have more space. Since children like to make their play area themselves, one should only provide for a sufficiently large limit. A mix of back of the sofa, curtains and blankets inspires you to create. The children can then set up the cave for their own needs.

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