Using a Pressure Washer on the Patio

Using a Pressure Washer on the Patio

All sorts of dirt have settled on the terrace after winter. However, it can be easily removed with the high-pressure cleaner.

The high-pressure cleaner as a useful helper

After winter, numerous soiling can be seen on the pavement of the terrace. In addition to leaves and other plant remains there are also moss, which has formed due to the constant moisture. These soiling can only be remedied with alternative methods, such as sweeping with a broom or using a leaf blower.

However, using a high-pressure washer will make the cleaning of the terrace quick and effective. Modern appliances are easy to use, use little water and achieve a high cleaning performance. Thanks to various nozzles, even stubborn incrustations can be eliminated almost effortlessly. It does not matter if the terrace is covered with wood, stone or tiles.

Cleaning the terrace made easy

First, the terrace should be completely cleared. Water-sensitive objects immediately next to the terrace must also be removed as they could be damaged by the water jet or the spray mist. As a pre-cleaning, it is advisable to roughly turn the terrace first with a broom and to pre-treat dried-up dirt with a brush.

It is advisable first to clear the entire terrace of moss and dirt with the spot jet nozzle. It is important that all areas are cleaned evenly to avoid stains and residues later. If particularly stubborn dirt can not be removed in this step, the use of the rotor nozzle can provide a remedy. However, the rotor nozzle is unsuitable for pavement surfaces, as they quickly washes the grout and so loose the individual paving stones. Wooden decks are sufficiently resistant and can therefore be cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner.

The use of cleaning agents is not absolutely necessary, as the soiling usually dissolves reliably due to the high water pressure. In any case, it should be noted that the water jet must not be aimed at plants, animals or humans, otherwise there is a risk of injury. In order to prevent the window and exterior wall from becoming excessively moistened, the whole cleaning should always be cleaned from the building towards the garden.

A high-pressure cleaner is easy to use.

After the gray winter months, the joy is especially great finally the garden season can be opened again. To liberate the terrace from all the soiling of the past months and to let them shine again in old splendor, a high-pressure cleaner is particularly well suited. Without much prior knowledge, the entire terrace cleaning can be carried out in no time with this universally applicable cleaning device.

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