Save with Greywater Use

Save with Greywater Use

Water and sewage fees are rising steadily. To counteract these expenses, there are alternatives.

Use of gray water in the household

The most well-known possibility is the use of rainwater. Rainwater is particularly suitable for garden irrigation. But it can do even more: through a system installed by a specialist, the effluent water is led from the roof via a rainwater filter into a storage tank. This can be installed inside or outside the house. Using a suction pump, the stored rainwater is forwarded to the consumption points. Consumers can z. As the garden irrigation, the toilet flush or the washing machine. In times of drought, however, the basic supply of the water network must be used.

But this water can also be used again. Gray water means the drainage of bath and shower water as well as sink and washing machine. The used water is collected in tanks as in the rainwater harvesting, filtered and forwarded to the consumption points. The use of greywater is suitable for irrigation, toilet flushing and for cleaning purposes.

Both models are costly at first glance, as additional installation costs must be covered in addition to the installation. These include the energy supply and maintenance and repair costs. In view of the above-mentioned rising costs of water and sewage charges, an acquisition is still recommended. In the long term, not only the purse, but also the environment is happy.

Which system is the most productive? This can only be determined by personal circumstances. For a multi-family house, the use of gray water is certainly more useful than for a single household, just as rainwater harvesting is more profitable for a large garden than for a small vegetable patch. Detailed and professional advice from a specialist is indispensable in every respect. Thanks to modern technologies, it is also possible to combine rainwater and greywater. The installation of a rain reservoir can be easily arranged with the installation of a small wastewater treatment plant. The installation of a system for water treatment is particularly suitable for new buildings and for refurbishment / modernization.

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