Two become one: When couples contract

Two become one: When couples contract

At last found the love of life and the need to be close to each other every day? Congratulation! But getting together means more than just moving.

The good news in advance: living together is financially worthwhile. Finally, the cost of rent, heating, electricity or water can be shared. In addition, there is no time and ways for mutual visits. But now the partner has a say in living. And discussion point number one are location, size and style. Does he dream of a penthouse in a trendy neighborhood, while she prefers to live in a quiet rural house in a little house with a garden? And if so, where could the compromise solution be - at the Stadtpark with a south-facing balcony? How much privacy do both partners want: maybe a private room as a retreat? And what about the furnishing wishes: Is there the golden middle between - let's say - her pink lounge sofa and his all-in-oak conceptions?

Merge or refurbish furniture?

A tip when setting up is that each writes three pieces of furniture from his old apartment, which he absolutely wants to keep and the three absolute no-go's from the furniture of the other. This can be painful, but later prevent major disputes. Couples like to use contracting as an opportunity to clear out. Who entrusted his good old pieces to a Entrümpelungs company, saves the expensive Miettransporter and the drive to flea markets or recycling centers. The professionals know what can be sold and what to dispose of in which way. And nothing strengthens the love bond more than to stroll through the furniture stores and together realize new furnishing dreams!

In due time to terminate insurance and contracts

Already months before the move means to roll contract and insurance folders. The home contents insurance must and the liability insurance can be merged. Also, the DSL connections, it is time to log out. Often, long periods of notice and goodwill are rarely granted. At the latest one month before moving into the common living paradise, the removal notification and the forwarding request should be available at the post office so that the letters can be safely forwarded to the new address. The same applies to the broadcasting fee, formerly GEZ fee. It is calculated since 2013 per apartment and not per device. Ergo also saves those who contract.

Finally, is the lease ready for signing? Then it's best to sign it both on an equal footing. So when you break up, you can not just put the other guy out the door. If you hire a moving company that reliably takes care of furniture assembly and dismantling, you will enjoy a stress-free coexistence from day one.

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