Trends in kitchen design

Trends in kitchen design

With new optics, new trends and designs this becomes possible. Already with small tricks old cooksteads become new kitchens. There are many different options with regard to the kitchen look.

The kitchen as a new living and living space?

Whether wallpapers or tiles, there is something for every taste. Washable wallpaper in bright and friendly colors are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to a special coating, washing with damp cloths is possible and, in addition, the formation of mold is prevented.

There are just as many variations of tiles. Various colors, shapes and surfaces are available here. If these are no longer desired after some time, the tiles can be painted over. Due to the large assortment of wallpapers and tiles, it is advisable to contact experts and make use of individual advice.

Materials such as stainless steel, natural stone, glass and aluminum are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming a new trend in the market Kitchen. Likewise, straight-line shapes and handleless designs are up-to-date today. In addition, there are various variants of kitchen planning - with a consultation in a kitchen business, the best possible kitchen design is recommended for you, measured and put together. For smaller rooms, the U-shape is particularly suitable, for larger ones, for example, a free-standing cooking island is highly topical.

Remodeling of old kitchens

But not only new fitted kitchens have a beautiful design, even existing ones can shine in new splendor , By refurbishing, an old kitchen can turn into a shapely designer kitchen - for example, a completely new and innovative design is created in an easy-to-implement manner by exchanging doors and fronts. However, it is also advisable to resort to craftsmen to avoid possible mistakes. Another option is to re-coat the fronts. Real wood veneers can be used to redefine surfaces and colors. It is also possible to paint the cabinets or cabinet fronts.

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