Trees felled, trimmed and cared for in Berlin

Trees felled, trimmed and cared for in Berlin

A lot of things the hobby gardener likes to do himself, but when working in treetops or when it comes to cutting a tree, most people prefer to hire a pro: it's faster and safer.

In the garden of Nele N. in Berlin had a lot to do: One fir was to be felled, another truncated as well as a Tuja and finally the crown of a walnut tree had to be cultivated.

In the company Universal Gebäudemanagement & Dienstleistungen GmbH from Berlin she found the expert for this task.

Since then the garden has become lighter, neater and safer. And there was firewood on the occasion as well.

Completely satisfied with the execution, Nele N .: "Order executed as requested and discussed Top staff and performance! Even small damage was repaired quickly!" Gladly again! "

tree cases: what does it cost?


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