Treehouse Architecture - Guidebook

Treehouse Architecture - Guidebook

Every child longs for it, too The adults are still enjoying themselves: they talk about the tree house, whose architecture is just as impressive as it is challenging.

Planning a tree house - hand in hand with tree surveyors and community

The construction and architecture of a tree house begins with planning. This includes the contact with Baumgutachtern and community. Not on every tree may a tree house be built. Even in your own garden, there may be restrictions. Only a specialist can clarify whether a particular tree is an acceptable location for the project.

Tree experts estimate the security situation. They assess whether a tree is stable enough to carry a given load. Likewise, they can make assessments of the health risk that arises for the crop through the building.

Since some trees such as buildings are under monument protection, an expert must also clarify this. Especially very old specimens are protected, but also endangered or rare species may not be cultivated. Such monument and species protection issues clarifies the competent community. The local construction office is also responsible for the approval of larger structures. Tree houses for residential purposes, for example, require a special permit.

It is easier to have a legal and environmentally conscious tree house planning in cooperation with a tree house architect. As the timber structures have become a modern design object at lofty heights, many architectural firms have focused specifically on their planning. One of Germany's most well-known companies is Berlin-based company Baumraum.

Statics question - expert calculations for safety

The statics of a tree house has little in common with conventional statics calculations. Without a verifiable calculation of the statics, construction projects of a certain size are not permitted, as they could endanger the lives of designers, residents and residents.

Structural calculations of buildings mainly depend on the materials used, background properties and weather factors. In the case of a tree house, half of these factors remain unknown. For example, other building materials are used for the project than for an average construction.

Nor does the subsoil meet the usual requirements, since work is carried out at lofty heights. Also future weather influences are difficult to estimate. Special models are therefore used for the calculation of tree house statics. The individual case decides on the choice of the concrete model. Relevant variables for tree house statics, however, are above all flexible connections, the anchorages in the tree and the parameters of optical and subjective statics.

Since, according to the building authority's requirements, a specialist must calculate the statics according to DIN, the contact is with a civil engineer with specialization on economic construction for the project duty. In this context, too, the cooperation pays off with a tree-house architect who has the necessary specialists at hand.

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Building the Green - Constructing Tree Houses

Well-planned tree houses do not cause any significant damage to the tree. Although the structures are always a burden on the crop, if the properties and needs of the tree are considered in the planning, then this keeps the load factor to a minimum.

There are a few principles: The fewer screws and nails, for example be beaten into the tree, the less burdensome is the construction. Many small injuries weaken the plant rather than a large wound. In addition, because a tree stretches and unfolds in species-dependent measure, constrictive constructions are as inappropriate as drilling through dozens of foreign objects.

Stronger injuries or constrictions let trees wither and make them susceptible to disease. A risk to the tree is a safety risk for the designer. If the tree is weakened, it can no longer support the tree house at some point.

Taking into account these guiding principles, four techniques are used in modern tree house construction: screwing, clamping, support and hanging technology. The decision for one of the methods depends on the planned load, the scope of the construction and the tree species. Part of the realization of the project also corresponds to a combination of several or all techniques.

In the screwdriving technique, a limited number of threaded bolts, each with a diameter of several centimeters, are driven into the trunk. Such an architecture carries up to five tons and the designer uses the so-called garnish screws as if they were additional branches.

Anyone who opts for the clamping technique, assembles steel cuffs around the trunks of two trees. Beam shoes support the clamps. The cuffs should not be too tight or too loose to handle safety issues and tree needs. Since trees grow, regular re-adjustment of the sleeves is mandatory.

If the decision is made for the support brackets, then embedded wood posts keep the wings of the structure from the ground. In the case of hanging technology, steel cables are used to secure the individual parts of the tree house from above.

Architecture at dizzying heights - a case for experts

While the hobby handyman can manage the construction of smaller tree houses in his own garden on his own the constructions from a certain size architectural challenges that should be realized only by expert hands.

Above all, the statics may not calculate the layman, because it does not result in underestimating security risks. If you want to build a skilled tree house, you need not only structural knowledge, but also specialist knowledge in materials science and tree science.

Therefore, only an interaction between different experts in these individual areas will enable a successful, safe and environmentally conscious construction.

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