Tree pruning of the peach tree

Tree pruning of the peach tree

The tree pruning usually causes a frown on the hobby gardener. However, if you have some basic information, you can hardly make any mistakes with the peach tree section.

Cutting the Peach Tree - Tips on Timing and Tools

Like sour cherries, peach trees only bear fruit on annual wood. For this reason, the pruning is due once a year. The right time for the pruning depends on its purpose.

  • Basically, the pruning is done on an annual basis.
  • Matching time for the fruit woodcut: in spring, at flowering time.
  • Suitable time for the rejuvenation cut: end of the summer, after the harvest.
  • Right tool: use a pruning shears for thinner branches; for thicker tree parts use a hand or chain saw.
  • Reduce potential risk of infection: clean the tool before use; also pay attention to sharp tools.

Tips on fruit wood cutting

For a successful pruning, the gardener must be able to differentiate between the different trie types of the peach tree. Only then can he decide if and how to remove them. "True fruit shoots: about 50 centimeters long, fertile shoots with flower and wood buds sitting in clusters.

  • " True fruit shoots "by half Shorten.
  • "False fruit shoots": branches that are occupied only with flower buds.
  • "Cut off false fruit shoots" to one or two eyes.
  • "Wood shoots": possess only leaf buds.
  • "Wood shoots" shorten to three to five eyes at most
  • "Bouquet shoots": Short shoots that are studded with numerous flowers; reminiscent of small bouquets.
  • Do not remove the "bouquet shoots"
  • Rejuvenate cut done properly

Older peach trees need a rejuvenation to vigorously exorcise and produce many fruits.

Rejuvenation needed when tree in

  • Rejuvenate cut towards the end of the summer and after the harvest.
  • Take back the leading branches with side branches to the old wood.
  • Do not completely remove the old Astring, but leave it in part; this facilitates the renewed expulsion.
  • Care after pruning

Basically, the self-healing powers of the peach tree suffice to close the wounds themselves. However, the gardener can do a few things to aid healing:

Do not need to treat the wounds with sealants or resins.

  • Regularly check the wound closure.
  • Inspect the peach tree for rot and image.
  • Take appropriate action
  • Cutting peach tree - with background knowledge no problem
  • If the gardener knows the most important rules for fruit tree trimming, he can easily cut it himself make. Fresh peaches reward every effort.

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