Door comfort at the push of a button

Door comfort at the push of a button

Gates with remote control are becoming more and more popular Driven to get dry from the car to the garage and home, even when it's raining.

Wet clothes and nerve-racking getting in and out banish automated gates into the past. Thanks to smart control options via optical sensor or radio, motorists no longer need to leave their car to open the gate. In addition to comfort, they also increase safety: After all, the car does not have to be an obstacle on the road for an unnecessarily long time.

Panning or sliding

An electric drive with remote control is no longer a luxury. The least of the classic loads the budget - single or double leaf swing gates. Models made of metal are considered to be particularly robust.

If the space on the driveway is not enough to swing swing gates, you can resort to sliding gates. The models that can be moved or unsupported on rails are significantly more expensive than their classic counterparts, but they are considered to be particularly fast and quiet.

Smart technology for greater safety

No matter which variant, each door can be used in addition to the electric drive Radio control, bell and intercom, if necessary also equipped with photocell, flashing beacons and induction loops.

A self-locking gearbox prevents the gate from accidentally closing, injuring children playing games or damaging parked cars. In addition, systems with photoelectric sensors offer even more security, because they detect people and vehicles before the collision and stop the gate.

A transmitter for gate, garage and light

One press of a button is enough to open the door, it lifts the garage door, the light turns on automatically. True to the motto "One for all" many manufacturers offer extensive accessories that are compatible with each other. In other words, only one hand-held transmitter can be used to operate both the entrance door and the garage door.

In most cases, only one additional receiver is required to trigger further functions by pressing a button on the hand-held transmitter - for example, switching the court lights on and off. And if at some point the dilapidated garden fence is due, the new revolving or sliding gate can be equipped with the suitable, remote-controlled drive.

Easy retrofitting of radio systems

It goes without saying that existing gates can also be retrofitted. Fun solutions are ideal for retrofitting. They can be easily installed and conveniently controlled via remote controls. This communicates wirelessly with the receiver in the drive. This can be quickly and easily installed, since neither lines are necessary and expensive Aufstemmarbeiten omitted. Fence builders and manufacturers as well as electricians provide information about the various systems.

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