To the common happiness

To the common happiness

It is the coexistence that enables couples to spend all their free time together. They also share their day-to-day responsibilities and realize that cooking, cleaning or shopping together is much more fun than doing it alone. In any case, an apartment for two is the test of whether the relationship holds, intensifies - or even does not.

A love, an apartment

But a move to the common paradise also has many practical advantages. Starting with saving money: rent, heating, electricity, water - shared costs are half the cost. They do not have to be split 50:50. If one of the two partners earns much more than the other, the due sums can be paid proportionately.

Silvering everything in duplicate

Before moving, everything can be doubled in silver: the washing machine, the TV, the microwave. And of course the furniture. But what if his black set meets her pink sofa? The royal road can be to sell everything and agree on a compromise solution in the facility. In addition, there is nothing more beautiful for many lovers than to stroll through the furniture stores in pairs. The insurance companies should also be merged. From two household contents and liability insurance is thus a. The same applies to telephone connection, GEZ fees and other contracts.

Renting - best for two

With all mutual trust, a joint rental agreement is recommended. If it comes to a separation, one of the partners loses any other entitlement and right of residence and could literally stand on the street. And even if one of the two partners already owns an apartment that is big enough for two, a new apartment can be advantageous - especially if it has been set up together. This is because nobody has the feeling that they live "with each other". For a new home also speaks that both partners can choose the situation together. The ideal compromise solution unites the wishes for district, living environment, traffic connection or distance to the employers.

Father State pays for it

Speaking of employers: Those who move for work can be reimbursed by the state for part of the costs. Recipients of social benefits such as Hartz IV or Bafög also receive financial support. When, however, does it mean: to terminate apartments, insurances and contracts on time and organize relocation and renovation work? Tips, information and checklists can be found in the detailed MyHammer relocation primer

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