Tingling wet: it does not have to be a pool

Tingling wet: it does not have to be a pool

Is there no swimming pool, bathing lake or pool in the area? A garden shower provides the necessary cooling on hot summer days.

Garden shower as an alternative to the swimming pool

The advantages of garden showers are obvious: they can be set up quickly, need little space and are inexpensive to buy. Thus, a shower can be a refreshing alternative to the pool.

Garden showers are superior to the cheapest set-up pool for long-term maintenance. After all, these are to be filled with several thousand liters of water.

On the other hand, an outdoor shower with only a few liters and requires no water purification. But best of all, they can be set up without much effort and additional costs.

Cool water for every taste

Anyone who thinks about getting such a refreshment can draw on a wide range of offers. This ranges from inexpensive variants to luxurious models with different showers and jets. However, one thing is the same with every garden shower: All have a spike or tripod stand and can be connected to the garden hose.

Ground spike and tripod stands can simply be stuck in the ground or placed in various locations in the garden. Basically, this is a shower head and a stand as an extension of the garden hose. A floor grate protects the lawn and protects the feet from high-spreading dirt.

In addition to the mobile solutions, there is also the option of installing the refreshment dispenser firmly in one place. Fixed garden showers can screw the garden friend either on a stone slab or a wooden deck. In advance, a septic tank must be excavated and filled with sand and gravel, so that the shower water can drain off.

Many do-it-yourselfers also screw this variant to the wall of the house and connect it to the domestic water supply. There are even models whose nozzles sit between two stone walls, so that the cooling does not come from above, but from the side. Even more extravagant are round treadplates whose jets of water spray upwards as they enter.

Hot or cold shower water for cooling

Outdoor showers can be connected to tap water mainly via garden hoses. So the user literally takes a shower with the cool water. After all, the average temperature is around ten degrees Celsius.

If this is too cold, you can connect your water source to the hot water pipe and regulate the temperature with a mixing lever. This must be a fixed installation that should not be far from the house. On the other hand, solar showers are much more comfortable.

They usually bring along a water tank that holds 20 to 40 liters. Like all other models, solar showers get their shower water out of the garden hose.

Situated in a sunny spot, the sun heats the water up to 60 degrees within an hour. Depending on the size of the tank, up to five showers of hot water flow within one hour. In addition, the operation is favorable, since this type of shower recharges sunlight.

The right shower for every garden

If you are looking for quick refreshment in between, a plug connection is a good choice. Mobile garden showers are a practical option especially for small gardens or the patio. #

Two square meters are enough to cool off on hot days. Here are simple versions between cheap 20 and 50 euros.

Who wants to integrate his wet cell firmly in the garden, must consider the more stable, but expensive models in the eye. These are usually made of hardwood or stainless steel and deliver from 200 euros a secure stand space plus accessories with the same. Often the manufacturers of such garden showers spend bigger showers, which increases the fun factor.

The same applies to solar showers. If small standard showers are available from 100 euros, designs with mixer tap, temperature controllers and various showers cost several hundred euros. In addition, there are designer items selected for large gardens that cost over € 1,000 quickly.

Of course, it's a matter of taste for which shower model the garden owner decides. Today, many showers have a puristic touch and look classy, ​​while others look rustic Mediterranean.

A mix of robust steel and hardwood is particularly popular. All garden showers are space-saving and no less refreshing than a swimming pond and an alternative for the summer fun.

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