Secretly into the house through the garage door

Secretly into the house through the garage door

Easy access from the garage to the house is very convenient. Unfortunately, burglars use this route when the garage door is not secured.

Typical problems with garage doors

Swing gates without gate drive, which were once widespread, could not be overcome so easily. As a rule, the gates were secured with a security lock that could be locked. These door systems have many homeowners replaced by automatic gates, so that the garage doors can be opened by a remote control. But this does not work if the gate is locked with a key.

The Criminal Investigation Department advises to additionally secure such gates with garage bar locks, but even these systems have the disadvantage that they can not be opened automatically.

An alternative is roller doors or sectional doors, which can be provided with drives that provide additional security. While the swinging mechanism can often be easily overcome, even with a stalled engine, rolling grilles or rolling shutters can be automatically secured by the drives.

Only a complete safety package protects

It makes no sense to equip an older, unstable door with a new motor , Also, homeowners should remember that automatic doors are often not the only weak spot to get into the garage. It is also worth taking a look at the roof and the windows. Some roof structures are easy to cover from the outside, and unsecured windows are always an invitation.

Smart home solutions offer many ways to better protect against burglary. Motion detectors and sensors trigger an alarm should windows or doors be opened without permission. The same applies to the garage door.

When the gate is to ensure that it closes well on all sides, even on the floor there may be no gaps. Some burglars have already got into the garage by simply breaking the frames out of the wall. Such a procedure can only be prevented if they are firmly connected to the masonry.

The most important door locks are lockable crossbars from the inside, but they hinder comfort. For the night or during prolonged absence, this type of backup but makes sense. Incidentally, a motor with a sturdy gear should act as a gate opener, which prevents burglars from pushing the gate when closed.

These details are to be observed when installing the gate

A mechanical locking device via bar bolt is almost insurmountable and restricts the door Comfort but considerably. This method is recommended for older doors, as these are often too unstable to be secured by the drive system.

A good and comfortable security are sectional door systems with drive that have the TÜV certificate "tested burglar resistance". These entrance gates are equipped with an electronic Aufschubsicherung, the engine exerts a counterforce when someone tries to push the gate. In addition, a self-locking gear ensures that the gate can not be leveraged. This is important in the event of a power failure.

For burglar-resistant sectional doors, the requirements of EN 1627 apply. Classification is in resistance classes RC 2 to RC 6. An RC 2 class door must withstand simple tools, such as a screwdriver, for three minutes Class RC 6 has to withstand 20 minutes of heavy duty tools, such as an angle grinder with a 250 millimeter disc diameter.

Since any security system can be overcome if the burglar has plenty of time, a motion detector should also provide bright light so that nobody is left unattended can. Even better is a door contact that triggers an alarm.

Common garage doors are usually classified in the class RC 2 or RC 3. They can be opened with a crowbar in about five minutes.

The best gate is of no use if the radio transmitter is not secure. He must be coded tamper-proof. In addition, a prudent handling of the transmitter is important. Using recorders, the signals can be picked up and later used to open the gate. For this reason, nobody should leave the transmitter unattended.
Even if there are no side doors to the house from the garage, a sturdy secure gate makes sense. The car or bicycles are also worth stealing.

Better not save on safety

Only good certified doors that have been correctly installed by a specialist garage offer optimal protection. Retrofitting with bolts is not enough.

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