Thinking of the Barriers of Tomorrow Today

Thinking of the Barriers of Tomorrow Today

For many people mobility means being able to use the car. Necessity or comfort are reasons to make the way to the car park without thresholds.

In order to reach the car without any problems, it is important to optimize all the paths between the house and the garage. And that is actually easy and above all obvious: dark areas want to be lit, trip hazards on the sidewalk to be leveled. Theoretically every kid knows that. Nonetheless, it always surprises where accidents happen everywhere. Interestingly, it does not mean, "Oh, a whole new wave", but, "I've never liked that before."

Habits are the biggest barriers

The first step to being uncomplaining on the way out is with all attentiveness examine the passage to the garage or the parking space. Even if barrier reduction is mainly associated with disability or aging, even young parents are happy when the newborn baby continues to sleep after arriving in the carrycot and does not wake up because his mother or father stumbles on uneven planks the parking space!

Who drives by car, wants a parking space without having to cope with this laboriously. In addition, he should provide enough space to be able to lift shopping boxes from the passenger seat and stroller or walker out of the trunk. Anyone who builds new, can accommodate this need from the outset and plan between 120 and 150 centimeters of freedom of movement to the right and left of the car door. A generously protruding roof at boot height keeps the unpacking dry even in the rain.

Automatic gate openers

It is very pleasant when the garden and garage doors open and close automatically - so you do not have to be wet, in the dark or cold the castle will be searched. Modernization begins by removing rubbish blocking the way. Possibly even with small interventions walls or carrier beams at the carport can be shifted. Anyone who often has to do larger purchases, also does well to create shelves at hip height. From a stool or a bench bags and bags can be gradually removed without any difficulty bending over.

Illuminate Parking Area

Light switches directly on the parking space, which ensure brightness in the parking lot and the way to the house, reduce the risk of tripping in the dark , Handles and pushers should be mounted at optimum height, wheelchair users should be slightly lower than users of a rollator. With several controls that illuminate about driveway, path, front door and corridor, a height between 85 and 105 centimeters is recommended. Anyone who uses contrasting pushers, for example with a red light, will find it easier. To be able to orient yourself in any weather, the lighting for outdoor use should not dazzle. The path is still easy to manage with dynamic lights that switch off after use in individually adjustable time.

With R 9 and BGR 181 against falling accidents

Which flooring is best depends on the requirements of its users. Wheelchair users prefer smooth roads with little rolling resistance. For elderly and handicapped people slip-resistant floors are recommended. About the degree of slip resistance give so-called "R-values" information. On sidewalks and driveways to multi-family houses, which use many different parties, homeowners often relocated coverings with anti-slip class R 9. With an additionally applied water-based two-component polyurethane, even the R 10 level can be achieved. Anti-slip strips on stair nooks additionally ensure stability. Orientation is offered here by the BGR 181, a rule from the employers' liability insurance associations. It provides clues as to which coverings are state of the art.

Easy to get out of the cellar

In older houses, the garage is often in the basement, accessible from the outside via steep driveways or from the inside via stairs in the house. For both, it is advisable to install or retrofit banisters from the outset, preferably on both sides and in sufficient length. The preferred gripping hand thus finds a secure hold during entry and exit. For self-propelled wheelchair users, the shorter the driveway, the steeper and more difficult to manage. Orientation for the optimum angle and the best length at the new plant provides the calculation for ramp lengths: height of the obstacle, it is for example one meter level difference, multiplied by 100, divided by six (percent slope). Then the way from the car to the front door is also possible without outside help.

Grants help rebuilding

Anyone who has already obtained cost estimates for modernization knows that even small structural changes sometimes leave deep holes in their wallets. Often the visit helps with a Wohnberatungsstelle. There it is clarified, how the flat is to be adjusted to increased comfort need, age, disability or care situation and whether there is financial help. KfW loans or investment grants of up to € 6,250 per housing unit for age-appropriate conversion may influence the decision to think about tomorrow today, possibly positively.

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