The wall that can breathe: Mineral plasters for good indoor climate

The wall that can breathe: Mineral plasters for good indoor climate

Mineral plasters for The walls have valuable properties: They regulate the humidity of the room and promote a healthy living environment.

The building material has a long tradition because it has a positive effect on the indoor climate and the well-being of the occupants. Mineral plaster is in great demand for ecological construction and is particularly suitable for dining, sleeping and children's rooms, as it also has indoor air purifying properties.

The composition of the plaster is crucial

Mineral plasters are made of inorganic materials Binders produced, which have a mineral origin. These are crystalline substances found in natural rock. The binders used are clay, loam, cement or hydraulic lime. The main component of mineral plaster is sand.

The composition of mineral plaster provides for its positive properties, which are antiseptic and diffusion-open and therefore have some advantages.

Positive properties of mineral plaster

Due to its diffusion-openness The plaster absorb moisture well and give it back into the room. The alkaline properties of the plaster provide insensitivity to mildew.

The pH has a positive effect on the indoor climate and has an antiseptic effect that prevents mold spores and algae from adhering to the walls. These properties are particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.

In addition, mineral plaster binds odors that are produced during cooking, for example. But other odors, for example through textiles, are absorbed by mineral plaster, so-called zeolites with very small pores. These form a large surface inside the plaster, which can optimally bind nitrogen oxides and vapors. This property is not only interesting for open plan kitchens.

Mineral plaster offers many positive aspects and design options. Warm earth tones are possible as well as bright colors. Coarse and fine grains can mix to create a very individual mural and enhance the room visually. The ecological building material is versatile and can be adapted to the wishes of the residents.

Choosing the right mineral plaster for the wall

It makes sense to get detailed advice on mineral plaster in your own home. Not every composition is suitable for every wall. Especially with exterior facades it is important to choose the right mix

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