The Ten Most Beautiful Ideas for Decoration on the Balcony

The Ten Most Beautiful Ideas for Decoration on the Balcony

Often, when decorating the balcony, loving decorations are not the top priority. Here, useful things can be combined with beauty.

Enjoying the outdoor season - this is also possible on the balcony. So that the feel-good factor is right, special ideas are implemented in the balcony design.

Color harmony in the outside room

What applies to the four walls can not hurt on the balcony either: a harmonious color scheme. Instead of colorful confusion, a pre-determined color selection ensures visual peace. The materials play a rather subordinate role. What dances out of line can possibly be painted. If the seat, planters and decorations are coordinated with each other, colorfully flowering plants loosen up the overall picture.

Balcony flowers on the ladder

Equipping the balcony railing with lush flowering boxes is basically indispensable. But also on the side walls of the balcony it may be green and blooming. An old wooden ladder gets a matching coat of paint, is leaned against the wall and secured for safety. On the rungs hang small planters with balcony flowers.

Old door as a utensil

Some things you might want to have on the balcony within reach. A charming, old wooden door forms the frame for this. It gets a new coat of paint and is equipped with hooks, several small wire baskets and a shelf. Garden tools and all sorts of useful things find their place here. The door utensil should be stably attached to a balcony wall.

A pond on the balcony

provides additional relaxation in the summer room. As a mini-pond, an old wooden trough is filled with water and planted. If you do not want to cultivate real aquatic plants, look for artificial water lilies in the deco shop. These drift - along with a few floating candles - on the water surface and spread a romantic atmosphere.

Small Herb Garden

For hobby cooks, fresh herbs are a must. An old wash tub made of zinc gets holes for the drainage and is filled with a mixture of expanded clay and herbal earth. The trough is planted with Mediterranean herbs, which are always fresh and within reach. A sunny location is needed for the herb trough.

Cozy Flooring

On a bare concrete floor feet do not feel well. Therefore, a special outdoor rug is placed on the floor in the area of ​​the seat. This enhances the cosiness factor. Outdoor carpets are decorative, resistant and defy even heavy downpours.

Lounge furniture made of pallets

A stylish sitting area made of polyrattan is very comfortable but unfortunately expensive. A comfortable seat can also be built from well-preserved Euro pallets. They are cleaned, sanded and painted. Stacked on the wall in sitting height, with thick cushions and large cushions, the self-made open-air sofa invites you to relax. If a pallet is left over, it will be provided with rolls and thus become a variable-use coffee table.

Expand seats quickly

Even unexpected visitors want to have it at their ease. Hanging chairs made of solid fabric provide the necessary flexibility. To suspend these, if necessary, special hooks are fixed in the concrete ceiling at appropriate positions. Professional approach ensures the necessary stability. If additional seating is needed, the folded upholstered chairs are quickly taken out of the apartment and hung up. Fans of hammocks position the hooks so that the mat can dangle when needed.

Extra variable awning

Does the sun even so well - sometimes it just burns too hot. Then an awning provides a remedy. In addition to its actual task, a suitably placed fabric sail also creates privacy and can protect the balcony from view even after sunset. To adapt to different positions of the sun, a few additional hooks are placed.

Decorations as in the living room

The feel-good atmosphere also includes decorations. Some things that convey coziness within the four walls can certainly be transferred to the balcony. It is particularly romantic with a dangling from the ceiling chandeliers from the flea market. This is rebuilt so that it can be equipped with candles or tea lights. Even small murals in plastic frames are quite suitable for outdoor use. Important is only a good seal of the picture frame against humidity; This helps electrical tape from the hardware store.

Seal the balcony: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in our price radar around the theme of the balcony.

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