The team for a rocky road

The team for a rocky road

The path to the house of Hermann M. has so far led over crumbling, uneven and weathered concrete.

In the otherwise lovingly planted and cultivated garden this way disturbed the eye of the beholder and therefore had to give way without further ado.

Hermann M. placed the order with MyHammer and gave it to the company BGM Magdeburg. They removed and disposed of the old pavement, put in lawn edges, brought up sub-material, and compacted it before paving and intersecting the 25-meter-long and 1-meter-wide path. And all in two days. Now the neatly laid out path finally fits in with the rest of the garden and the client's praise was not long in coming: "As the company promised: a team A word, everything super" was only two weeks after the order was set, on the Profile page of the company BGM Magdeburg.

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