The Sandstone Facade - Robust, Natural, Popular

The Sandstone Facade - Robust, Natural, Popular

Sandstone facades are trendy and are practical: They defy the effects of the weather, are considered particularly robust and have a long service life.

Sandstone - the affordable all-rounder for house facades

Thanks to their natural colors, even large sandstone facades are unobtrusive and therefore suitable as building cladding. In many cities, the city center is full of buildings with sandstone facades. Especially large, public buildings use sandstone to be inviting and friendly. But sandstone is also available for private clients. Because it has several advantages: the natural stone is relatively light with a maximum of five kilograms per square meter, so that the assembly does not need any additional technology. This not only minimizes the effort, but also protects the wallet.

There are various ways to use sandstone for your own house façade: sandstone tiles, sandstone wallpapers or massive sandstone blocks, which can also be used to build houses thanks to their supporting function. Price wise, the variants hardly differ from each other - rather, the costs depend on the color of the stone.

Sandstone - from the beginning natural

Unlike many other building materials, sandstone is not an industrial product but an ecologically valuable natural product. It originates in the sea, on the seashore or on river banks. Sandstone quarrying is also environmentally friendly because it uses little energy.

Sandstone facades live longer

A big advantage of sandstone facades is their long service life. Despite the different weather conditions sandstone hardly needs care. On the contrary: Wind and weather gives the sandstone facade an individual touch. Sandstone is also well combinable with glass, wood or steel. The color spectrum of the stones ranges from brown, red, yellow, gray and white to green stones, which are very rare.

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