The right wall color for the study

The right wall color for the study

Colors affect every room, including the study. A good combination of wall colors makes for a good working atmosphere.

Suitable wall colors for the study

The effect of certain shades of color can be used purposefully in the design of the study. Yellow is nerve strengthening, red stimulating and orange performance enhancing. Thus, these colors are well suited for the wall design in the study. For here it is particularly important to use colors as instruments of success.

Cold wall paints such as blue are suitable for rooms with much direct sunlight, as they have a cooling and soothing effect. In addition, they also convey distance, functionality and objectivity. Warm colors, on the other hand, create proximity and a feel-good atmosphere. They also have an encouraging and activating effect. The color choice in the study wants to be well considered. Therefore, one should first consider: should rest and concentrated work be in the foreground or rather activating, stimulating colors be used?

A colored office provides for mood

Colorful wall colors provide mood and motivate. In the color choice for the office you should also rely on your own feelings. After all, it is important that you feel comfortable at work. However, it should not be too colorful, so that a good concentration is guaranteed. The best way to set the color design on individual elements such as wall surfaces or furniture. Dark colors should be used cautiously, as they make the room seem cramped.

Nevertheless, an office does not have to have the typical office atmosphere. Accessories such as pictures on the walls and on the desk create comfort. A beautiful carpet and house plants emphasize the feel-good character. The light is also important for a pleasant working atmosphere. Brilliant, dazzling lights make the eye hard and should be avoided. On the other hand, ceiling lighting with warm light is pleasant and makes the room look bigger. A desk lamp can provide an additional light source if required.

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