The right color for the bathroom

The right color for the bathroom

Warm, bright colors in the bathroom provide comfort and a feel-good atmosphere. However, if they are too glaring, colors quickly seem cheesy and uneasy.

A modernly furnished bathroom consists of noble furnishings and colorful accents. A subtle color gradient on the walls and on the flooring is advantageous.

Which color is suitable for the bathroom?

Small bathrooms appear larger and more spacious with light colors. For painting is best latex paint. This color provides the important water resistance and elasticity. Latex paints are paints containing latex as a binder. Resin paints are used today as a substitute.

Bathroom paints must meet certain quality standards. An environmentally friendly, water-repellent and scrub-resistant color is advantageous. Another positive effect is the good opacity and longevity. Resistance to cleaning agents is especially important in the bathroom. Latex paints are suitable because they meet these criteria. The glossy varnish variant sets additional accents in the bathroom. The only downside is the later difficult filling of the painted wallpaper.

Compared to normal wall paints latex paints are more expensive, but of good quality. The paint can be evenly applied to the bathroom walls and provides a great look. If the bath tends to form mold and mold is already present, a special paint is required.

Limescale wall paint is beneficial for mildew

First of all, professional removal of mold is important. The wall must be dry and free of mold. Then a lime wall paint is recommended, which prevents re-mold. These special colors are high quality and eliminate mold without chlorine or fungicides.

Mold is not good for your health. Ventilation and the right room climate prevented the infestation. Damp towels do not belong in a bathroom, but on the clothesline or a balcony. Pullers quickly dry tiles after showering. For the painting of the bathroom is a special paint suitable, which is resistant to moisture and mold. It costs more, but has a positive effect on the walls and delays the need for renewal.

The special paint is not sensitive and can be washed off. It keeps the moisture from the walls and thus ensures a good indoor climate. A good bathroom color even kills fungus and bacteria and prevents it from forming.

Finding the Right Tone

Blue, light green and yellow are ideal for bathroom wall design. Blue is a fresh, soothing nuance. It is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. Especially in the morning when first going to the bathroom, the color has a positive effect. It creates a calm, soothing atmosphere.

Yellow is pleasantly refreshing and warm. The color yellow conveys in the house joie de vivre and not falsely envy. A green bathroom is reminiscent of nature and gives inspiration, freshness and security. Medical practices use this quiet color to reduce fears. A warm green tone blends well with blue.

It is important that the chosen color matches the existing furnishings and floor. Especially neutral are furnishing furniture made of wood or painted white.

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A fitting pattern for the bathroom

Patterns in the bathroom should not be too restless. Particularly suitable are marine motifs with waves or fish. Here is a lot of fantasy for loving decorations in the maritime style. In a large bathroom, a photo wallpaper with water or sky motifs looks perfect.

But even natural patterns with wallpapers or tiles in stone look great. In smaller rooms should be handled sparingly with patterns, since they can be overwhelming. Here is a big window for enough light and many bulbs much more important. A mirror that meets daylight reflects the light and makes the room appear brighter and bigger. In addition, many lamps on the ceiling, mirror and tub have a positive effect on the bathroom.

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