The amount makes it possible to dosing detergent properly

The amount makes it possible to dosing detergent properly

Only if detergent is dosed correctly it achieves its optimum washing performance and protects the washing machine and the environment.

If detergent is overdosed, residues will appear on the clothing. If too little detergent is used, the lime in the water can not be removed. This damages both the clothes and the machine. Too much detergent may also remain in the detergent compartment and block access.

When dosing heavy duty detergent, follow the manufacturer's dosage instructions. Terms such as water hardness, amount of laundry and degree of soiling play a decisive role in the correct dosage.

Correct dosing - important factors in the detergent quantity

If too little detergent is used, limescale can deposit in the washing machine and on clothing and so on Increase wear. In addition, the washing effect suffers. The laundry is then less absorbent and begins to smell over time.

The degree of soiling of clothing naturally also plays a role in the dosage. Highly soiled and lightly soiled laundry should therefore be washed separately from one another, because if heavily soiled, a little higher dosage is required.

The amount of laundry is also important when dosing correctly. The manufacturer's instructions for dosage on the packaging usually refer to a load of 4.5 kilograms. Larger amounts of charge also require more detergent.

For a precise classification of the detergent, a dosing aid is recommended, which is offered by different detergent manufacturers. Either a dosing aid is already included in the purchase or can often be requested free of charge via the Internet.

The dosing information is also adjusted to the water hardness. If the water is hard, it also has a lot of lime, then the dosage of the detergent must also be correspondingly high, since in detergent always descaler is also included.

The water hardness may vary greatly regionally. If you want to know exactly, just call the local water works.

Too much detergent increases water consumption and harms the environment

If too much detergent is used, it not only damages the environment but also increases the water consumption of the washing machine , If the detergent is overdosed, the laundry starts to foam. Additional rinsing with clear water is necessary.

Despite the additional rinsing process, detergent residues may remain on the clothing, which will not only damage the clothing, but also the skin, which then begins to itch.

Noteworthy when washing with detergent

In addition to surfactants, detergents contain other ingredients that increase the washing performance and kill germs. The heavy-duty detergent also contains bleach and optical brightener. In the long term, bleaching causes the colors of the textiles to fade, so colored clothing should only be washed with a color detergent.

Different manufacturers propose different dosing quantities. Some detergents are more fertile and some detergents use less harmful ingredients, but they require a higher dosage. It is worthwhile to follow the dosing instructions on the packaging, as otherwise textiles or washing machines could suffer.

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