The perfect outdoor decoration for Christmas

The perfect outdoor decoration for Christmas

Outdoor decoration for Christmas - weather resistance plays an important role here. But natural and artificial things can be well combined.

1. Container plants get decorative winter protection

What may remain outside in the tub over the winter can be pretty cloaked and put together in groups. Plants and troughs are wrapped in sackcloth, which can be stuffed with newspaper as additional protection against the cold. Wide fabric or plastic bands bound to large loops and lushly decorated with fresh fir green decorate the protected plants additionally and complement the exterior decoration.

2. Lights make the exterior decoration sparkle

When choosing fairy lights, make sure they are suitable for outdoor decoration and weatherproof. The Christmas lights of the garden are designed with lights that wrap shrubs and trees several times - such as Christmas trees. It is best to test the actual effect of the glowing lights before attaching the exterior decoration.

3. Welcome to Christmas

The entrance can also be included in the exterior decoration. On the door hangs a Christmas wreath, around the door is draped an artificial fir garland and fairy lights; Both together create a romantic atmosphere. If sufficient space is available, lanterns are distributed with real candles or LED candles on the steps.

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4. Even outside a Christmas tree

At least one tree - preferably a medium-sized fir or spruce - should serve as a Christmas tree for Christmas. This is provided with fairy lights and decorated as possible lush. As a Christmas decoration are large, unbreakable Christmas tree balls made of shiny plastic. So that everything keeps well even in windy weather, it is best to secure them with flower wire.

5. Sparkling Still Life

In the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, Christmas still decorated still lifes make for even more atmosphere. If the garden table or bench is allowed to hibernate outside, the furniture is moved close to the view, covered with pine green and provided with a light string. Then decorate with Christmas decorations, ivy and other natural materials. Additional candles, even on the floor, make the scenery sparkle mysteriously.

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