Your own four walls protected by the webcams

Your own four walls protected by the webcams

Video Surveillance, Smart Home Networking: Modern systems do not cost much. But they give security and security.

The smartphone of Peter B. vibrates in distant Philadelphia. It is pitch-dark at home in the Hochtaunus district near Frankfurt. And yet, the event manager sees on his display how unknown people move about his property. He was alarmed by his video surveillance via push function. Through his app Peter B. follows the strangers by means of the freely swiveling outdoor camera. As they work on the garage door, he activates the house lighting and turns on the hi-fi system. The house appears inhabited, the neighbors become attentive, the invaders flee. Smart home solutions offer numerous ways to better protect against burglary.

Everything at a Glance via Smartphone or Click

In the living room of a neighbor, burglars lurk a 2-megapixel camera with a motion detector: it also records in the dark sharpest pictures on. Their recordings document act and thieves in the best possible way. And the chances are good to convince the uninvited guests: More and more private households are being monitored in addition to public squares, subway stations or petrol stations. Although there is still a legal gray area regarding the police use of private video recordings. But many courts accept it as evidence.

Viewing the house and garden from every corner of the world

In the private household, networked video technology is above all a deterrent. After all, everyone in their own homes wants to be sure that they are protecting themselves and their assets as best they can. In addition, today nobody needs to be an IT engineer to install video surveillance. The devices are usually compatible with all common systems. They communicate via mobile radio, WLAN, Bluetooth or DECT and can be linked with alarm systems. And they offer more than just protection against burglary: the user can see from anywhere whether the baby sleeps quietly in a child's bed or whether the relatives in need of care are in safe hands.

From approx. 50 Euro camera with app

The range of analogue like digital components is great. They range from network cameras with built-in motion detectors, to flexible pan / tilt cameras, to devices with face detection or dome cameras that provide all-round visibility. Your singals are stored on PC, video or hard disk recorders. Manufacturers such as ABUS or Funlux offer complete systems with two, four or more cameras. And you do not have to dig deep into your pocket either: Cameras with VGA resolution and smartphone app are offered starting at around 50 euros. An HD camera with notifications to the mobile phone is already available for about 70 euros. A little more than 100 euros pays who wants a Full HD camera with app control. For four-camera complete systems, about € 250 to € 300 must be used.

Retrofit presence simulation: what does it cost?

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