The outdoor swimming pool season is open - in its own swimming pond

The outdoor swimming pool season is open - in its own swimming pond

The refreshing alternative to the traditional swimming pool is its own swimming pond. It offers natural bathing fun and is a real gem in your own garden.

But watch out! Each community has its own regulations. Swimming ponds over 100 square meters may need a permit from the responsible municipal office.

Bathing fun in your own garden

If you swim, you want to move freely. That's why the pond should not be too small. And the look of a swimming pond? Authorities set no limits for the client. This goes from the planting to embellishments by bridges, terraces and bridges. Trees at the edge of the pond guarantee shade and prevent the water in the pond from becoming overheated by the sun.

All organic or what?

The swimming pond is a sensible ecological alternative to the swimming pool and is divided into two zones - one for Swimming and one for water treatment, or regeneration. The more complex the project, the more extensive the technology behind it. This ranges from the natural pool with circulating system and filters to the very natural swimming pond. The highly technical pools manage with smaller regeneration areas. At natural swimming ponds they are at least as big as the swimming area. Both zones should be completely separated from each other. If you do not use the technology, you get 'naturally' clean water. A natural pond is never as sterile as a chlorinated pool.

Experts get it

A swimming pond of its own is a very complex construction project: from the excavation of the pit, the choice of pond liner to the complete planting - gardeners and landscapers make sure that everything is properly coordinated. That's the only way the summer does not have to fall into the water.

Building the pool: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in our price radar around the topic of creating a pool.

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