The optimal kitchen planning - Checklist

The optimal kitchen planning - Checklist

Optimal kitchen planning helps to save you time and effort. It takes into account all the necessary functional zones as well as your own needs.

Well thought-out kitchen planning

Optimal kitchen planning should ostensibly consider your own living situation and personal taste. Does a single need a completely different kitchen than a large family? With a well-planned zone planning, everyone comes to his dream kitchen. The best way to create a list of all the equipment and cabinets that are needed. Very important is the storage space determination. You should also think about the shape of the kitchen.

  • Kitchen planning focuses on attractive design and modern appliances.
  • Kitchen kitchens are also divided into five zones.
  • These include the "stored" zones, , "Rinse", "Prepare", and "Cook and Bake".
  • A sensible division of the functional zones ensures a smooth workflow.
  • The zones are arranged from left to right.
  • All implements of one

Worktops should be adjusted to the size of the user to prevent back pain.

  • One should be able to stand comfortably between the forearm and worktop by 15 centimeters Be seated.
  • The working height can be individually adjusted with base feet.
  • Continuous worktops are not optimal for the body Ideally, the cooking zone is a bit lower.
  • Base cabinets with doors are cluttered and ergonomically unfavorable, because you can not easily survey them.
  • The better choice is accessible pull-outs under the worktop and in the first level of the wall cabinets.
  • In addition, pull-outs are more comfortable over pull-outs because you can easily see and reach everything.
  • With the right interior dividers, everything can be kept neat and space-saving.
  • Kitchen Zone "Prepare"

The Kitchen Zone "Prepare

  • This area should be recommended to be 90 centimeters wide and adequately lit.
  • Well-organized drawers in the base cabinet provide quick access to the required utensils.
  • The Optimal Layout of the Function zones

The function zone "Prepare" includes "cooking and baking" - the cooking zone is the heart of the K

  • The many storage items for this are stored in the vicinity of the stove.
  • The utensils are fully accessible under the countertop and in the overhead cupboards.
  • This zone is usually centrally located in the kitchen unit or as a free cooking island centrally in the kitchen
  • For right-handers, the cooking area should ideally be located to the left of the flushing center.
  • Rinse work area

The sink is immediately adjacent to or facing the "Prepare" area.

  • How To Quickly the potato water is poured off and vegetables are quenched.
  • Plaster and cleaning agents are conveniently stowed away in the base units of the sink.
  • "Preserved food"

The adjoining "storage" zone includes storage cabinets and refrigerators for storing food.

  • The freezer is also an integral part of this functional zone.
  • The storage space for this area should be in the Plan
  • Variable and functional interior layouts in these cabinets ensure more order and clarity.
  • A kitchen should be designed and set up as functionally and ergonomically as possible. Modern kitchens have comfortable pull-outs, in which everything can be stowed clearly. Proper working height is a very important aspect of kitchen planning and should not be underestimated. Ideally, utility appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers or stoves, are installed higher - this is convenient for the back. In addition to the ergonomic benefits and features, the design should not be neglected. Because kitchens are part of the living space in which one should feel comfortable.

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