The new outdoor lounge

The new outdoor lounge

Relaxation in the countryside - this is the motto for the outdoor season. The garden and balcony become the outdoor relaxation zone, a kind of personal climatic health resort.

They seriously challenge the living room interior - the new garden furniture. No wonder, the boundaries between out- and indoor are disappearing. Here as well as there lounging today kommod on opulent sofa landscapes and noble loungers. Elegant stalls replace the plastic pile. New forms and materials make the garden furniture suitable for every place and every occasion.

The garden and balcony have long been considered an oasis for retreating, for switching off from the stresses of everyday life. For their own well-being, but also for sociable meetings with friends, the Germans are increasingly living outdoors. And you can also enjoy tasting it. The more life is enjoyed in the open air, the more emphasis is placed on quality.

Garden furniture in the living room

It's a great fit to fit the current outdoor collections with the living room furniture - ideal to mix spontaneously or to furniture. Daybeds, sofas and armchairs conquer the local terraces. Modular seating landscapes can be arranged individually and according to the occasion. High-quality outdoor cushions made of special fabrics are weather-resistant, dirt-resistant, easy-care and skin-friendly. They offer a pleasant seat feeling even on hot summer days.

In addition to the lounge furniture, the classic table-bench combination is on the rise. However, in an elegant version instead of a rustic beer garden set. Again, innovative materials are used, such as thermally treated beech wood or HPL (High Pressure Laminate). They look noble inside, robust outside. Especially the bench offers plenty of space without taking up wasteful space.

Durable Plastic Mesh

Weatherproof wickerwork made from fiber-based plastics is evolving from a trend-setter to a perennial favorite and is gradually taking the rank of the open-air classic wood. In addition, it mixes lively: aluminum with textile, wood with metal, plastic mesh with steel. The formal language is modern. The lines are clear, the furniture functional and comfortable.

In addition to the metatrend color white, natural tones characterize the coming season. Beige and brown in all shades, in addition watercolors like cool turquoise, soft lime green and pale rose determine decoration and textiles in the summer room. Those who prefer a stronger taste can choose from the no less popular colors of green, blue or yellow.

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