The networked home thinks with

The networked home thinks with

Older people simplify many everyday tasks with modern electronics. It allows them to live self-determined in their own homes for longer.

Something is different than before, when Ms. K. leaves her apartment: instead of reaching into her handbag she reaches for the magnetic key on the digital key board. Did she switch off the stove and coffee machine? Are all windows locked? Is there still light burning somewhere? If anything is not right, alerts alert the retiree.

SmartHome for Seniors

The Secret: Keyboards, windows, lights and kitchen appliances communicate electronically. In addition, the alarm system also turns on when the key is removed. And at the windows the security blinds close as if by magic. The networked systems also provide a plus in safety in the living area. In asthma attacks, Mrs. K. pushes the big emergency button on the bracelet. This immediately informs the doctor, paramedics or neighbors. In the event of a fall or malfunction of the heart or vital functions, the device will automatically send an emergency call. And visual and acoustic reminders help her to take the daily medication. If the retiree enters the basement or bath, motion detectors provide automatic light.

User-friendly means no service

Even young people know the "hearth-forgotten-panic" hours after the holiday break. They pick up the phone and call the neighbors. People over the age of 75, 80 or more years often fail to operate their mobile phones - if they have one. So much the better that houses and apartments can now be secured with automatic SmartHome systems, where usually no active operation is necessary. The technical term is AAL. It stands for age-appropriate assistance systems for a self-determined life. Or neudeutsch Ambient Assisted Living. This technology hits the nerve of the times as more and more old people live alone and need help. Nursing staff is scarce, home care is rare and expensive. And anyway, most older people would rather stay in their usual environment - even with health impairments.

Self-employment instead of permanent care

While other families are looking for more costly care programs, Ms K. is already planning other AAL systems with her children. Including an automatic toilet flush, a vacuum cleaner robot and automatic shutdown for your stove with unusually long service life. Individual components of such systems cost about 30 to 50 euros, complete packages can be realized for a few hundred euros.

Is this now heteronomy, surveillance and a dictatorship of technology? No. Ms K. just feels safer.

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