The Most Effective Mold Remover for Walls

The Most Effective Mold Remover for Walls

Mold on walls and wallpaper is dangerous. Unfortunately, many room air removers are almost equally alarming.

Mold Removers for Small Spots

Small moldy spots are rarely based on construction defects. They are caused by improper ventilation or when, for example, wet clothes were left on a wall for a long time. Of course, the cause of the mold must first be eliminated. Commercially available removers usually contain chlorine, which has a killing effect and bleaches existing stains. For local use, these funds are quite well suited. Sometimes it even succeeds in removing stains from wallpaper. However, large-scale use is not advisable because they pollute the room air with chlorine gases and attack the respiratory tract.

Alternative mold cleaners for walls

If large areas of the walls are affected, a tree-dangling may be the cause that is absolutely eliminated should. The wallpaper can not be saved and should be disposed of well moistened. The moisture prevents the mold spores from spreading in the room air. Excellent helpers are methylated spirits, isopropanol and hydrogen peroxide. These substances kill the mycelium deep in the plaster, as long as they are applied several times at intervals of a few days.

If tiled walls are affected, a single wash is sufficient. Only the joints have to be soaked several times. In case of a slight infestation, which only recently exists, this measure is sufficient. The wall can then be wallpapered or painted with diffusion-permeable material.

Primers Prevent New Fall

In many cases, killing alone is not enough. Especially if the cause of the moisture can not be stopped immediately, additional priming against mold is necessary. These paints block moisture to some degree and prevent the mold stains from re-penetrating. In the case of heavy infestation the primer should not be left out.

Killing colors are another obstacle

Anyone who is afraid that mold removal and priming will not be enough will prefer alkaline wall paints such as lime-casein paints or silicate paints. The strong basic environment of these colors prevents any surviving spores from infecting the walls. None of the funds alone is sufficient to prevent infestation in the long run.

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