The most common mistakes when returning your apartment

The most common mistakes when returning your apartment

When moving out, quarrels between tenants and landlords are not uncommon. Who knows the most common mistakes, avoids differences.

Error 1: The apartment must be spotless

No. "Besenrein" is the keyword here. The renter must vacuum floors, remove coarse dirt and leave bathrooms hygienically clean. More thorough cleaning work is not required by law. But no rule without exception: If further cleaning is provided for in the rental agreement, the renter must comply with the agreement.

Nevertheless, it may make sense to leave the apartment sparkling clean when moving out. Because this is true so many landlords mild; He is less strict in his search for further defects.

Misconception 2: Installations may remain

In general, the tenant must leave the apartment in the same condition in which he took it over from the landlord at the beginning of the lease. The tenant is therefore obliged to remove everything he has ordered. This also includes awning, flooring and fitted kitchen.

A consultation with the landlord may be worthwhile. Because expensive, high-quality installations are an increase in value for the apartment. The tenant can hand them over or sell them to the landlord if necessary.

Mistake 3: Beauty repairs vs.. Renovation

Renovation is clearly one of the landlord's responsibilities. However, the tenant must make minor renovations - so-called beauty repairs - even when moving out. According to Wohnbaugesetz this includes the painting of walls, ceilings, floors, interior doors and windows as well as radiators. The landlord is responsible for rooms outside the apartment such as the basement and the attic.

Error 4: The transfer protocol is mandatory

Transfer protocols are not required by law when handing over the apartment. However, such a protocol provides security for the tenant. Subsequent complaints by the landlord are excluded. This confirms with his signature that the return of the apartment has been made in accordance with the contract.

Error 5: handing over the key to the caretaker

It is not enough to hand the key to the new tenant or caretaker. If the tenant gives up the property, he must obtain it to the landlord. He does not have to take the key personally; In this case, an authorized representative will take over the transfer. However, a written authorization must be available for this.

Mistake 6: Landlord must repay deposit immediately

The money stops the fun. But does the landlord have to pay the deposit immediately? No. For the deposit refund, the landlord can leave a maximum of six months time. If a utility bill is outstanding, he may retain the deposit longer, until it is paid. The renter gets back the difference.

Error 7: Landlord does not care about new address

This mistake can cost the tenant money. If the landlord does not have the new address, it can lead to difficulties in the deposit payment. The landlord must also forward the last service charge bill to his former tenant.

Beauty repairs: what do they cost?

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