The most common mistakes when renovating old buildings

The most common mistakes when renovating old buildings

An old building renovation goes hand in hand with many prejudices and myths. Anyone who plans well and knows, cleans up with errors once and for all.

Error 1: First, insulate the facade

It is a myth that the insulation should be done first. It is more important to first examine to what extent a facade insulation is effective and sensible. But there is no obligation for builders to insulate themselves.

But: If more than ten percent of the surface area has to be plastered over, the façade requires insulation in accordance with the German Energy Saving Ordinance.

Error 2 : Altbausanierung - an expensive pleasure

The common opinion about old building renovations is: "This is expensive." Good preparation, planning and professional help prevent high costs.

An expert helps in the assessment of the old building, the upcoming refurbishment as well as their costs. In addition, he sets up a sensible rehabilitation schedule. So the refurbishment will certainly not be a "bottomless pit".

Misconception 3: Electrical refurbishment - only possible with dust and effort

When refurbishing the electrical system, a cumbersome pruning of the walls is unnecessary. Because there are more sensible, less expensive measures: Thus, ready installations can be laid in ceiling profiles and baseboards.

If intelligent building services are desired, the installation of a standard radio system offers itself instead of a control line.

Misconception 4: In the old building one can Do not realize living wishes

Another myth. Because even in the old building individual wishes can be realized. In fact, renovations in old buildings are a bit more complicated than in modern homes, but competent specialist planners help with this.

Error 5: An old building never becomes an efficiency house

This statement is simply wrong. With the right renovation, even an old building can reach the standard of a passive house. A subsequent thermal insulation in combination with an optimization of windows and heating is required. Constructive conditions are crucial here - if they do not exist, they have to be created.

Misconception 6: No alternative heating systems for old buildings

Some modern heating systems do indeed work better in buildings that have a low heat requirement. But an appropriate insulation creates the necessary conditions for alternative systems even in old buildings. Mini- and micro-cogeneration plants even benefit from a high heat demand.

Error 7: Old buildings moldy after renovation

After energy-efficient refurbishment, older buildings are more likely to mold because they can not "breathe". This is not right. In general, houses can not breathe - neither before nor after renovation.

Insulation is important so that warm air does not escape from the interior. The cause of mold growth, on the other hand, is too much moisture that comes out of the house through proper ventilation.

Misconception 8: No subsidies for renovation

It is a great mistake to note that there are hardly any funds available for refurbishment. At Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau - KfW for short - builders can receive subsidies or loans with a low interest rate. KfW offers a wide range of subsidies from individual measures to complete renovation.

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