Feng Shui mirror - important furnishing element

Feng Shui mirror - important furnishing element

Mirrors fulfill an important function in Feng Shui. They not only reflect light but also energies. With them you can direct them.

Meaning of the mirrors

To make it clear at the beginning: The biggest mystery surrounding the Bagua mirror is why it hangs on the western doors of a toilet. The octagonal objects also offered under the name Pa-Kua mirrors have nothing to do with Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, every reflective surface fulfills the functions of a mirror. A mirror front over the stove in the kitchen, a beautiful wall mirror, or a mirrored tray serves the same purpose as a special Bagua mirror.

About 4,500 years ago, convex bronze mirrors first appeared in the Shang Dynasty. These served to distract negative energies outdoors. This function is still fulfilled today by all convex mirrors. They dissipate energy and are useful for distracting unwanted effects.

In rooms, convex mirrors are problematic because they distribute the harmful energy in space. They are therefore used in the garden to protect the house.

Flat mirrors of any kind reflect and double energies. It is important that they double something nice or a positive energy. In addition, the mirror must not lead these energies out of the house.

Concave, inward domed mirrors, collect energy. They bundle the chi, the life energy, and strengthen it. These mirrors are suitable for drawing energy into the home.

Directing Energy Flows with Feng Shui

It makes no sense to hang or place items in the room that the occupants do not like. It also means that nobody surrounds themselves with mirrors that they do not like. Mirrors are useful in every room, except in the bedroom. Because they disturb sleep because they hold used up energy in the room. Other rooms benefit from flat or concave mirrors.

Mirrors on doors to storerooms or toilets prevent the escape of vital energy into these rooms. Whether it is a disadvantage when the energy spreads in these rooms is controversial. Modern toilets can hardly be compared with the cessions of ancient China. In the hall mirrors may hang or furniture may stand with them. According to Feng Shui, it is only wrong if the mirror is opposite an entrance door. Because the chi is led by him out of the house.

Strengthening or weakening certain elements

Since the mirror counts as an element of water, it is excellently suited to compensate for fire energy. A mirror over the fireplace or the stove is for this reason particularly positive. Note: Some schools also associate it with metal.

A mirror can enhance certain elements. Who wants to support the family by the element wood, uses a mirror with a wooden frame. If the career is to be strengthened by metal, a game with an iron frame is ideal.

Orientate yourself to the reflection of the light

Since energy behaves like light, the effect of mirrors can be visually determined. A mirror at the end of a long room seems to extend it. But energy can not flow in a long hose. If the mirror is on a long wall, the room seems to spread. The energy can unfold.

When two mirrors are opposite one another, "pictures in pictures" are created - an effect that confuses the senses. In addition, the chi loses itself in it.

Mirrors are excellently suited to visually and energetically alter spaces with minimal resources. The most important thing, though, is to feel good in a room.

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