The eat-in kitchen

The eat-in kitchen

Who does not know from personal experience - the most beautiful and cozy place in the house is in the kitchen.

At least that was the case with Grandma. Today, through open living, the kitchen is again generously integrated into the living areas. The trend towards cosiness has found its way into German homes, paired with simple elegance and clear forms.


Due to the kitchen integration into the living area, the solid wood trend is on the rise. Handleless furniture fronts made of precious wood and glass conquer the kitchens and create timeless beauty and homely elegance. Warm shades dominate and kitchen utensils such as pots, pans and trowels, which used to decorate open shelves on the walls, now disappear behind solid, solid wooden doors. Only a little reminiscent of the kitchen of yesterday.

Who sets up a spacious living or open kitchen, should pay attention to quiet equipment, because nothing is worse than a loud purring dishwasher, which disturbs the well-deserved closing time the TV program. Great attention is in the case of the kitchen and the kitchen hood. It has to be large enough to remove all odors as quickly as possible.

Freestanding elements

Large kitchens can be perfectly equipped with so-called work islands because they can be accessed from all sides and separate cooking areas from the dining area. If you like something more luxurious here, you can install height-adjustable worktops. They can be lowered after the work is done and now open the way to a wonderfully large, comfortable room. If you now drive the worktop all the way up, it can even serve as a stand-up for a party. So you can optimally combine cooking and dining.

Depending on your space and your own taste, you can also equip your kitchen with a dining counter instead of a working island. Although it fulfills the same purpose, but can - for example, provided with roles - bring a lot of movement and flexibility in the room.


Design experts advise on large or open kitchens, the different areas by a uniform wood species and color choices to a certain extent to harmonize with each other. Natural wood has proven itself here and creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. And if there are more guests coming to a party this is not a problem, because extendable tables and so-called dinner sofas offer plenty of space for cozy hours.

The highlight and the icing on the cake in the kitchen design are the perfect match at the end Lighting, plants and decorations. They let kitchens and living areas merge and soothe for pure comfort. In every case, planning and planning is the abolition and dissolution of obsolete living clichés. Only those who can break away from it find the key to modern and harmonious living culture.

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