The glazed balcony

The glazed balcony

Who does not know that? The balcony is nicely decorated thanks to a comfortable seating arrangement, but the weather often bends the relaxed sitting in the open air more than one would like.

Dry and warm in every season

Foldable or collapsible all-glass surfaces, Aluminum or wood-framed glass surfaces on your balcony offer you two significant advantages: they add another stylish living and living space to the living area, regardless of wind and weather conditions.

On cold and stormy, rainy winter days, the closed glass front An ideal thermal insulation, by isolating the heated living space and yet creates maximum light for a bright living environment. Clear and sunny winter days have the advantage that the solar radiation supports the heating of the living space with gas or heating oil and thus saves considerable heating costs. In summer, meter-long sliding or folding concepts can be easily reduced to the size of a narrow balcony door to open the door to air and light and release your well-known balcony for barbecues, coffee-treats or for quiet reading sessions.

Horizontal glass sliding walls offer something special Advantages: The glass elements can be pushed into a niche unlike folding variants and thus disappear completely out of sight. Such a glazing can be installed as a full-length room divider of the balcony and replace the outer wall to the balcony, with the advantage that no Balkont├╝ektekt arises. Thus, the balcony in its full width opens to an elegant terrace solution without the standard step over the threshold of the balcony door. In this way, a balcony in the summer can extend the living space directly into nature, and furniture can be transported into the open space without a threshold. In winter, the large glass front makes the living room brightly lit, yet soundproof, and it also gives you a feeling of space and freedom.

Optimal solutions can be installed for every balcony, depending on your taste and circumstances. Combine heat insulation, sound insulation and balcony security with living comfort and an innovative sense of space.

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