The Garden Kitchen - Outdoor Trend in Perfection

The Garden Kitchen - Outdoor Trend in Perfection

The trend to cook outdoors is unbroken. Spacious and comfortable garden kitchens replace the charcoal grill in many gardens.

Garden kitchens offer a lot of comfort

There's nothing better than spending time outside in summer. Cooking has been popular in the garden for decades. While the good charcoal grill prepares the meal in the kitchen, the complete preparation shifts into the garden with outdoor kitchens.

The centerpiece of the garden kitchen is a gas grill, usually with a hood. This is used for grilling, baking and is suitable to a small extent for smoking. The kitchen is complemented by a worktop and a sink - so the food preparation is no problem. Cooking plates are also available to cook soups and sauces.

Many manufacturers offer these components as modules. Depending on the model, it is a stand model that can be connected to the outdoor kitchen by quick connectors. Other providers rely on table models that are to be accommodated on bricked tables. The modular design has the advantage that the garden kitchen can be individually expanded.

Low effort and manageable costs

The four modules are a gas grill, a wash basin, a worktop and a hotplate. If you do not want a complete kitchen right away, it's best to start with the grill. A connection is not required, since the device is operated by cylinder gas.

A built-in grill in the mobile base cabinet, where the gas can be stored, costs between 500 and 600 euros. For gas cylinder and valves are expected to 30 euros. Later, the grill can be extended by a cooking plate with gas operation, which costs with substructure 350 to 500 euros.

A countertop with base cabinet is available for 250 to 350 euros. Anyone who walls a kitchen, instead of putting them together from standard equipment, only needs a stone or glass top. This should be on a solid base.

A sink significantly increases the comfort of the kitchen. The usual modules consist of a stainless steel sink with faucet, from which cold water flows. A water installation is superfluous because the tap is connected to the garden hose via a plug-in connection.

The sewage flows through a separate hose either into a bucket or to the floor drain in the garden. The module costs 250 to 300 euros. A floor drain nearby is recommended. The cost of such connections depends on several factors: If the kitchen is close to the house, it should not cost more than 200 euros.

An outdoor kitchen does not have to be a dream

A gas grill with a hood causes little smoke, so there are problems hardly to be expected with the neighbors. The space required for such a kitchen is about two to three meters including the necessary movement area of ​​the cook. A water supply for a garden hose and a floor drain are present in most gardens anyway.

The individual modules should be stored over winter in a cool and dry room. They take up about two square meters of floor space. A place sheltered from rain on the terrace is also sufficient, as the elements of the kitchen are largely weather-resistant.

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