The garden in November: final spurt before winter

The garden in November: final spurt before winter

The year is coming to an end in a hurry, there is a lot to do in the garden. Top priority: Winter protection for all non-hardy plants.

Even the more robust potted plants will now have a place in the house or winter garden. When the fall brings a lot of rain, especially wet-sensitive ornamental grasses suffer. It is better not to cut back the dried stalks, but to tie them together in bunches. As a result, they keep the water away from the roots like an umbrella. The same applies to planted palm trees: tie up the fronds and wrap with fleece for extra protection. If you have dahlia, cut off the dead parts of the plant and get the tubers out. In a container with loose soil the previously dried tubers can hibernate in the cellar or in another frost-free place.

Also in November is planting time

As long as there is no ground frost, many insensitive species can still be planted: bare root roses; flowering perennials in spring; robust ornamental shrubs such as scented jasmine; deciduous hedges such as European beech or hornbeam. Important: Place the plants in a bucket of water for one hour before they can really soak up and root faster. When hedge plants shorten the shoots vigorously to promote their branching. Some perennials, including violets, lantern flowers and asters, are among the cold germs. They need cold to be able to develop. In November, the seeds come in pots with moist soil and some sand as cover. The shells remain in the first phase for three weeks at room temperature, then follow a few days at cooler temperatures. Finally, the seed is hardy and can reach temperatures of up to -4 degrees, including peels.

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Cleaning and cultivating garden tools

The floor work is finally completed, all the beds are prepared, the last plants are set? Then the tool also needs a little care: First clean all mechanical equipment, smooth sanding wooden handles if necessary, rub oil and wood parts with oil. The mower may also take a break after the last use. For gasoline-powered devices, customer service at a specialist workshop is recommended. If necessary, air filters and oil are changed there, the knives reground and the engine tested. In a frost-free, dry shed or cellar all garden tools are in good hands over the winter. Do not forget: shut off the water connection, turn on the tap and let the hoses run completely empty.

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