The garden in July: already thinking of the coming year

The garden in July: already thinking of the coming year

In mid-summer, the fruit harvest is in full swing. Now is the perfect time to sow perennial flowers for the following year.

In July, there are plenty of sweet fruits to snack on, including raspberries, cherries and late strawberries. Also different herbs and potato varieties are so far - fresh from their own cultivation, they taste best, of course. Overall, it gets a little quieter. The ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy the garden. It makes sense, however, to already determine suitable places for self-drawn spring and summer flowers of the next year and to scatter the seeds. These include, for example, the colorful pansies, forget-me-nots and mallows. Important: keep the crop constantly moist.

Water march!

Many hot days and dry spells are normal in July. It is important to water abundantly, but not in direct sunlight. It is also not perfect in the late evening, as the damp leaves dry badly on cool nights. The best time is in the first morning, the early evening is also suitable. When using potted plants make sure that no waterlogging forms, which attracts fungi and pests. The irrigation water should always be lukewarm, so that the plants do not get cold shock. It is best to refill the cans immediately after use. One more tip: cover rain barrels well, otherwise the mosquitoes will find ideal breeding grounds.

Running gardening in July

After the last strawberry harvest, separate the leaves from the plants, otherwise there is a risk of mold. Most berry bushes like currant or gooseberry now get a summer cut. July is also the earliest date to cut maple, hornbeam and birch. Do not mow the lawn as often and, above all, not too short; so it can keep the moisture better and stays nice green. Before vacation travel, it is time to remove weeds. A mulch layer on free surfaces keeps the wild growth in check during the absence.

Cut back larkspur, lavender and other shrubs vigorously after the first flowering. So they bloom again in the fall.

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